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People’s Choice: Top 50 Exercises

facebook this exerciseIt is easy to get in a rut. We often end up doing the same go-to exercises over and over – unless we are in a program, or have a trainer, who exposes us to new moves. I thought it would be fun to ask some of my followers what their favorite exercises and share their answers. But first, I’ll share some of mine! Between some of our favs, and yours, we have over 50 exercises listed! Have fun exploring!

My Favorites:

1. Stomps (glutes)upright row how-to
2. Walking Lunges – love/hate (glutes/legs)
3. Split Jerks (shoulders/core & conditioning)
4. Upright Rows (shoulders)
5. Take it or Leave it (abs)
6. Push Ups (chest, arms, core)
7. DEEP Squats (glutes/legs)
8. Straight Bar Curls (biceps)
9. Curtsies (glutes)
10. Assisted Pull Ups – love/hate (back)

Steve’s Favorites:

hanging knee1. Straight Bar Curls (biceps)
2. Slam Ball (legs, core, cardio)
3. Hanging Knees (abs/obliques)
4. Close Stance Leg Press (legs/glutes)
5. Shadow Boxing (cardio)
6. Wide Grip Pulley Row (back)
7. Shrugs (traps)
8. Weighted Dips (triceps)
9. Concentration Curls (biceps)
10. Straight Leg Deadlifts

Twitter Peeps’ Favorites:

1. @RustyFlynn: snatches
2. @TheFitRebel: pull ups!
3. @jcp823: Capoeira
4. @spunk72: Plank Jacks!
5. @allenhulme: Running
6. @SpenserPorterfi: Squats
7. @AyzatSparklers: chest press, bench press
8. @WTorres77: bent over dumbbell rows!
9. ‏@therealmiamazin: I like speed rope!! Or Swimming
10. @KelleyChilders: roll ups


My Facebook Friends’ Favorites:

Here’s what my facebook friends had to say…
NOTE: If you don’t recognize an exercise, I encourage you to google it. There are a TON of great instructional videos out there! 🙂

Favorite exercises 1
Favorite exercises 2
Favorite exercises 3
Favorite exercises 4

Top Strength Exercise: Squats 

Top Cardio Exercise: Running

Best New Exercise Goes to Facebook Fan:

Jeannette Stephens

Jeannette Stevens

for Suggesting Alphabet Abs!
I’m going to do this one TODAY!!

Top 50 Exercises

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