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Walk It Off: 3 Ways To Shed Pounds Walking


Walk It Off WorkoutWhat if you don’t have any fitness equipment?
What if there are no gym for miles?
What if you can’t run and are just a beginner?
As long as you have a good pair of tennis shoes, you can have a great workout with a really great walking routine. Let me show you how!

Many people start their fitness routine with a simple walking program. The problem is, since most beginners can’t run, they can get stuck in a boring walking rutt. They don’t really know “how” to walk, and don’t really know what the goal is for each walk except to just get it done. Many walkers are also not getting their heart rate up enough to really make the most of each workout. Today, I’m going to give you a few simple tips to help you walk with a goal in mind – plus, I’m going to give you a workout to try too! Get ready to lace up your shoes and sweat!


Taking your walking routine up a few notches is simple. Here are 3 important tips to help you burn more calories and tone more muscles.

1. Track your pace. I use RunKeeper to track my pace and keep me always pressing on to improve.

2. Swing those arms. Don’t let you arms dangle loosely by your side! Swing those arms! Tighten that core and rotate that waist! You’ll burn a LOT more calories, and you will tighten your midsection too!

3. Add a high-intensity exercise to your walk. Even if you can’t run a long distance, you can sprint from one mailbox the the next, or do walking lunges to increase muscle tone and increase your heart rate (and calories burned).

Here is an easy interval walking routine to ramp up your walking!

Walk It Off Workout


1. WALK: Your “walk” should be a powerful, fast, aggressive walk. No moseying!
2. LUNGE: Slow your roll. Don’t speed through this. Concentrate on good form. Go as deep as you feel comfortable and get the most goody out of this exercise. You should feel your butt tighten up after the 1st round.
3. SPRINT: Run like a pit bull is chasing you. In this 60 seconds you need to give it ALL you’ve got! Remember, you’ll have 5 minutes to bring your heart rate back down and recover.

MODIFICATIONS: Runners replace WALK with a JOG or RUN. Walkers, if you are recovering faster during your walk, shorten your walk time to 2 or 3 minutes each round and go for more rounds. Have fun and let me know how it goes!!

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