What’s Black and Blue, and Knobby all Over? The Newest, Toughest, Craziest Shoe to Hit the Ground

If you own a truck or a jeep, and you want to go in the mud, you put big knobby tires on it. So, why not put big knobby tread on your feet? Right? Well, that’s what Reebok is saying – and I’m digging it!

Reebok ATV 19+

Reebok ATV 19+I was checking out the new ATV 19+ all-terrain tennis shoe from Reebok and saw this video (below) with MMA fighter, Rampage Jackson (who also played Mr. T in the movie remake of the A-Team). I have to admit, Reebok surprised me by using one of the toughest fighters to launch this new futuristic looking shoe. But, hey, I guess a tough guy for a tough shoe does make sense. But an even bigger surprise was their humorous approach to market this shoe.

Instead of going with the traditional serious “I’m a tough athlete who trains harder than you” approach, showing a celeb athlete do things we can’t even do in our dreams (much less real life), they took the fun approach – and it was totally refreshing. Way to go Reebok for making fitness fun. Thank you Rampage (and “rock boy”) for giving us a laugh. Good stuff! :)

I look forward to trying out this shoe! While the big lugs look a bit crazy, I’m just a little crazy too! Mud, gravel, rain, snow, grass, rocks, sand, woods –  here I come!


What do you think? Would you wear this shoe? 


  1. gene

    aw, shucks. i meant average in relation to pro athletes, 1st place body builders, and other national fitness gurus (wink wink). thanks for the compliment…

  2. Gene

    interesting looking shoe. i would be interested to see how it handles the rocks, roots, and mud we have here in VT (and maybe even the snow?) ! is Reebok looking for an average joe to review them?????

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      You aren’t average. haha :) That would be cool!

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