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30 Days of Motivation: Don’t Let Your Weekends Get in the Way of Your Goal

weekendIt’s time to face another weekend! Will you erase all the hard work you put in this week, or will you protect it like you’d protect your most precious belonging?

So many people aren’t as protective over their weekday investment as they should be. They loosen the reins  – a little too much, only to find themselves regretful of the damage come Monday. If you are in the habit of sabotaging your weekend, here are some tips to help you stay on track.

5 Weekend Fitness Tips

1. Set your alarm. Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you need to sleep in. If you really want to make the most of your day, start your day off right – and early. Get your workout out of the way and enjoy the rest of your day!

walk or run2. Plan one activity that requires you to be on your feet. For me, my 1 activity I’m planning to do is go to the Frog Leg Festival. Yes, you heard right! We are going to a nearby small town country-style festival to enjoy the some good old-fashioned festivities, which includes a lot of walking, shopping arts and crafts booths, and just enjoying the great weather.

3. Eat before you go out. If you want to eat well, plan ahead. For instance, we will eat a full meal before going to the Frog Leg Festival so the smell of funnel cakes won’t suck us in and tempt us to cheat. You can even do this before going out to dinner, or going to a party, so you can just nibble a little once you get there instead of be tempted to overeat.

cocktail4. Avoid alcohol. Many people blow a lot of calories on excessive drinking over the weekend. If you like to have a drink when socializing, trade it for a non-alcoholic beverage – or drink one water for every glass of alcohol to cut calories. Truth is, it wouldn’t kill you to completely go without, but if you are going to have one, keep track of the calories so you stay accountable and track your “damage”.

5. Beef up your cardio. If you know you’re going to fancy party or eating out, make room for the extra calories by getting some extra cardio in. Most people typically have more time over the weekend to exercise, but they are less likely to actually make the time. Fight the lazies and the temptation to feel like you “deserve the time off”. Working out is not work, it’s a luxury, and it makes you feel better – and THAT’s something you deserve!

Quick Weekend Blitz Workout:

Here is a quick cardio & abs blitz that Steve created for Designer Whey. Give it a try! Do it for time for the most intensity. 🙂


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