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30 Days of Motivation: Fitness Isn’t a Job, It’s an Opportunity

out of breath exerciseHave you ever realized just how spoiled we are? We ALL are! We think we have it so rough. Busy schedules, poor economy, working hard for little money – and don’t even mention exercise and diet! But, in reality, Americans have it much easier than so many people in the world. Yet, we are so quick to complain when we experience even the slightest bit of discomfort because we only can see “our” world, and not reality.

Shortness of breath, burning muscles – and even a slightly cramped style from dieting, while everyone else is living it up around us, can make us feel deprived. Oh “bless your heart”, as all my southern friends say. God forbid you have to eat grilled chicken and steamed vegetables. “I pity the fool”! (Mr T should have been a trainer!)

Hard workoutIt’s really ridiculous that we let some of these common complaints get in the way of our goals. We could have it SO much worse! Yet, we complain just because our fitness makes our life just a little bit uncomfortable.

You want to know what’s not fair? People who don’t even have the luxury of the internet to read blogs like this one, or learn about workouts they could do in their mud hut. Or better yet, what’s not fair is they are just trying to fight to live another day while we fight to just look and feel better, probably living many more days than they could dream of.

We don’t HAVE to workout and eat healthy, we have the OPPORTUNITY to workout and eat healthy!

Next time you have an urge to complain, stop yourself, and think about how darn lucky you are that you CAN workout – even if it’s hard to squeeze it in your busy schedule, even if it hurts a little, and even if it’s tougher than you hoped. You have an opportunity to improve your health when many others aren’t so lucky.

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