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30 Days of Motivation: Encouragement for the Discouraged

woman cryingWhen we have a lot of weight to lose, or we’ve gotten off track, it’s easy to get discouraged as the reality sets in. We see how far we have to go, or all the hard work we wasted in a very short time of slacking off. We get totally bummed. We think “what in the world was I thinking?!” and, despite how miserable we feel,  sometimes it take weeks to mentally recover enough to actually start fixing things.

Although I enjoyed not dieting over the Holidays, I’m not so sure it was worth it. I think of all the hard work and discipline that went in to staying lean, and it’s almost hard to believe you can blow months of training in just a few short weeks. Even though I know good and well that you “can’t compete with what you eat”, I’m living proof that statement is true – ’cause there is no way my body could compete with the abundance of higher calorie food I was “treating” myself to over the Holidays. So, I’m entering 2013 with regret and ready to right my wrongs. It’s time to pay for my sins.


weight lossAfter I beat myself up, I try got back to reality to grasp the facts. I weighed myself today and I gained 7lbs over the holidays. My preferred weight is 139-141lb. I weighed in at 147.6 I admit, I “allowed” myself to cheat, and relax after months of dieting, but boy does that 7lbs look and feel more like 15! But, before I get too depressed (which is easy to say, but hard to do), I do the math and look at the facts to get me out of my pity party – and into ACTION!

FACT: I can lose 2lbs a week if I track my calories with LoseIt and stay on my workouts – and don’t cheat. That means, I can correct my body and get back to my ideal body weight in just 4 weeks. Suddenly I’m a little relieved and encouraged.

FACT: After regular exercise, my body will firm up and be energized – even before I lose the first pound. I will also wake up each day more proud and more confident, knowing I am doing the right thing and getting my body under control. This will feel so great!

FACT: Feeling good is SO worth just a few weeks of discipline. And, if you have more to lose, even just a few short months of diet and exercise is worth a complete life change.

FACTEvery week I will be getting thinner, feeling thinner, feeling better and looking better. I don’t have to wait to reach my goal weight to enjoy my new and improved body – and neither do you. Even if you need to lose 50lbs, don’t you think you’ll look and feel so much better after losing even the first 10?! OF COURSE YOU WILL!

Shake the depression. Shake the pity party. Stop beating yourself up. Look at where you are headed  – because that’s something to really get excited about!

2013 I willl not be discouraged

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