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Stop Your Whining & Find Your Happy Fitness Place

Complaining comes as easy as our first cry out of our mama’s belly – especially if we are the slightest bit uncomfortable. And, since exercise is uncomfortable, you can imagine there is a lot more complaining surrounding it. Well stop it! You are going about it all wrong. Sure, it burns. Sure, it’s challenging. And sure, laying on the couch is a lot more appealing to most people – but I think you are forgetting a few things.

Here are 6 tips to help you move out of the complain zone and find your happy place in fitness.

Don't Complain

1. You are able. As long as you are physically able to exercise, you should never complain. You have a ability to change your body, and improve your health.

2. Fitness works. When you feel like complaining through your workout, focus on the result. I seriously doubt you’ll complain about the results – and if you stick to your program, you WILL get results.

3. You are getting better. When we look in the mirror, the first thing we look at is our weak spots. Simply stop. Purposefully start forcing your brain to focus on your strengths and your progress, no matter how big or small. You will ALWAYS have weak spots, even if you get rid of the ones you are thinking about right now. So, give yourself a break and focus on everything else – your favorite body parts, your strongest muscle, how great you feel, how much weight you’ve lost, the confidence you are building, and the changes you are making.

fitness uncomfortable4. You aren’t going backwards. Complaining often comes before the desired results show, or when you’re stuck at a plateau. Maybe you aren’t losing it fast enough. Maybe you still feel weak, or slow. Nevertheless, stop complaining about where you are right now, and think about where you would be if you weren’t doing what you’re doing. Without fitness, your body regresses. With fitness, you progress. If you aren’t going backwards, you’re going forward and fighting the body’s natural deterioration. You literally are fighting aging – and winning. That is something to celebrate.

5. Your body is lasting. When you find yourself envying someone else’s meal or treat, ask yourself this question: What do you envy more? Yummy food or a yummy looking body? Food touches the tongue for maybe 30 seconds a bite, but you are stuck with your body all day long. Eat the crap and feel fat – then complain about that (because feeling crappy about yourself will spike will surely produce even more complaints). Otherwise, stop complaining about choosing a better life filled with healthier foods that make you look and feel great.

6. You are in control. Every time a muscle burns, your heart pounds and your body fatigues, you can celebrate because those are symptoms of change. Change is uncomfortable, but it will make you a better person – inside and out. So, every time you want to complain, don’t. You are being proactive. You are reshaping your body and future. You are in control.

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


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