Merry Fitness! My Peeps get $20 OFF Reebok!

Everyone who’s been following me knows I’ve been sporting some really killer Reebok gear lately. Well, my good friends at Reebok just sent me this special coupon – just for MY followers!!! I am also including some links to some of our favorite things too so you can take a peak. They have SO much it can be overwhelming!  Let me know if I can help you shop! 🙂

20 % OFF Reebok

SHOES: My favorite shoes are the Realflex Fusion (I have 3 pair! LOVE!!!) and I also really like the new SmoothFlex in the bright orange! LOVE these bright colors!!!

Reeboksrealflex reebok realflex

TANKS: This is my favorite tank from them so far. SUPER lightweight and I love the bright colored trim – and I have matching shoes!! Only $22 (plus the discount!). I seriously get more compliments on this cozy top than any other shirt I wear. PS – the blue & green tank is the same blue & green in these shoes, and the bright orange trim is the exactly color of the orange shoes!

Reebok tank void(0)-5

Reebok tankreebok

MEN’s SHIRTS: I just saw this cool Classic R Tee for the first time. LOVE! Steve also loves their new Retro tees with the worn looking logo! It fits him great – he wore it on our last Disney trip.



Steve LOVES the RealFlex Transition shoes. He wears them all the time. Since they have black on them, they go with pretty much everything he owns. Awesome statement shoe that is super comfy!


SOCKS: Steve’s favorite socks (seriously! Loves these socks). They’re designed so well, there is actually a Left & Right sock shaped specifically for your left and right foot. Sorry guys! They have nothing for ya if you have 2 left feet. (My right foot turns into another left on the dance floor).





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