5 Ways Facebook Can Help You Get Fit

420x294xFunny-Fitness-Cards.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5rHfpsBpivPeople may laugh at all the “I’m going to the gym” or “I burned 325 calories” facebook posts out there (thinking “Who cares?!”) but, the truth is, people need accountability – and putting it out there on facebook is probably one of the best ways to make your goals public so you succeed. And, even as a fitness professional, sharing my fitness helps me too.

I purposefully make my fitness journey public because I also need all the accountability I can get. I know most people don’t really care what workout I did, or what tennis shoes I wear, but I also know that when I post that stuff, it forces me to follow through – to live out my fitness, beyond facebook. Plus, I can’t expect to help anyone if I am not leading by example. Does it come any easier for me because I work at a gym? Heavens no! Work is work! I don’t care if you work at an office, a bakery or, yes, a gym – there will always be work to do, and things to distract you from working out. If anything, I just look the most ridiculous if I can’t get my workout in, since the weight room is about 30 feet from my office.


So, if you’ve been wanting to lose weight and workout, start your journey on facebook. Warning: this won’t work for habitually lying facebook creepers who has no intensions of ever posting a photo of yourself. Yes, a REAL photo – preferably an occasional full-body shot too, and not just one of those pictures where you hold the camera 10 feet above your head so you look skinny and your big hips are out of frame. Because, in order for this to work, you have to be honest – with yourself and others. If you are willing to be THAT kind of facebooker, then  here’s how facebook can help you reach your goals.

Five Ways Facebook Can Help You Get Fit

1. Sharing your goals makes your pursuit real. There is something to say about actually verbalizing something. As soon as you say it (and in this case, type it), it makes it real. You are officially going on a diet, or starting an exercise program. Accountability begins.

Sweaty pic2. Posting pics adds accountability. Anyone can say they are working out, but show me your sweat. Show me your feet on the scale with the numbers dropping. THAT is the ultimate accountability. I, personally, hate taking pictures of myself. I don’t have the whole “self-photo” thingy down like all the teens. They are the pros at taking great pics of themselves. Me, not so much. I’m too embarrassed to take a pic of me in the gym and I hate the way I look (sweaty, gross and, normally the way my pictures come out, my face is all distorted from the great self-pic iphone angle). BUT, I’m working on that, and trying to do it more – and as a result, I’m amazed at the encouragement that follows.

fitness motivation3. Facebook offers a ton of motivation. Motivational photos are ALL OVER facebook! Motivational quotes, testimonials, photographs – you name it, it’s out there for you. Sometimes just the right words will pop out at you telling you just what you needed to hear to get moving. I try to post mantras, photos and encouragement every day on my facebook. See my Motivational Mantra Photo Album.

Beautiful fit body4.  You can motivate your facebook friends. Motivation doesn’t always come from the fit looking pros. It comes from regular people working toward a goal. If you aren’t sharing your journey, your struggle and your own personal victories, you are doing all your facebook friends a disservice. Once you begin sharing your own experience, you will not believe how many people will begin to tell you how you are inspiring them. And, the more you share how HARD it is, how MUCH you struggle, the more you will encourage others. They will begin to realize, if YOU can do it, THEY can too!

5. Facebook has great support groups. Whether you create a facebook group, or join an existing one, facebook makes it easy to find like-minded people who can motivate you, hold you accountable and share information (like healthy recipes, fitness gear and workouts) with one another. You no longer have to go to a weekly weigh-in to get that kind of accountability and support. With facebook groups, you can build awesome relationships, share your journey and support one another – all from your computer or smart phone!

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  • Kellee

    Very true Bonnie! I sometimes post a photo of me next to my bike after I have rode 17 miles and mention this is my Sunday Funday! Since most of my friends are posting photos of them eating and drinking on a Sunday! I have found if I do post my workouts it does make me accountable which I need. Some people may not like it, but they are usually the ones who when I see them make a joke of it that all I do is post about working out. Well if you were over a 100 pounds overweight like myself at one time yes! You would be posting your accomplishments too! Now 80 pound less and about 40 to be at target weight, I’m going to continue to post occasionally. I do have friends who said I motivate them and an inspiration …. That makes me feel wonderful and motivation for myself!!!

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      So cool!! Proud of you! People don’t like to be reminded of what they could (or should) be doing. Sometimes just our presence in a room is enough to make someone feel uncomfortable. I call it being a fitness witness. Because our lifestyle is healthy, we have to be very sensitive around people who aren’t, because, often times, they already feel guilty for not taking care of their bodies. Eventually, they’ll be impacted to the point of action. And then they will thank you for every stinkin’ workout post! <3

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