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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts

There are a lot of great gift ideas, but healthy gifts keep on giving for days, weeks and months to come. With the New Year around the corner, there’s no doubt most people are already regretting consuming all the Holiday Fare and are already thinking about their New Year Resolutions.

Here are 10 healthy Holiday gift ideas to help your special someone take a healthy step into 2012:

1. iAnything – Whether it’s an iPod, iPhone or iPad – they all can make a workout more fun. Listen to the workout station on Pandora or watch the latest episode of your favorite ABC show (this is the ONLY way I do cardio indoors!!) on your iPad while doing cardio. Plus, get access to amazing diet and fitness apps!

RunKeeper, LoseIt, Spotify, IntervalTrainer, Motion Traxx Podcast (customized music for Runners), and SleepMachine (yes, we have to get REST too!!)

2. Gym Membership – Gym memberships can be like undergarments. You need them, but you hate to spend money on them. A gym membership can be that special place where your loved one can go to work on how they look and feel. Everyone needs a little “me time” and what better place to have that time than in the gym.

BONNIE’S TIP: Try before you buy! 
Many gyms will let you “try before you buy”. Ask for a day pass or if they offer a free week trial membership.

3. Heart Rate Monitor – If your special someone is a walker or a runner, one of the best gadgets you can get is a heart rate monitor to help track calories burned and progress. If they also workout indoors, get a POLAR brand so they can sync automatically to the treadmill. Brand available at

4. Workout Program – You can get a gift certificate to a Boot Camp program or buy a home workout program like P90x for $150-$300. The key is knowing what your loved one needs. If they are a disciplined self-motivator, then a home workout DVD system will work just fine. If they need accountability and personal guidance then a local program or trainer will be the best bet. (Look for our BCx TREADZ treadmill workout coming soon!)

5. Home Gym Equipment – You don’t have to break the bank to start a home gym. You can get a full workout system by Bodylastics starting at $45 or you can get a great adjustable dumbbell set for under $300. The important thing to understand is anything is too expensive if it doesn’t get used.

BONNIE’S PICK: NordicTrack Incline Trainer from Sears
This machine is amazing! You’ll burn as many calories as you would running, without the wear and tear on the joints, and melt fat the fat right off your body – just by walking these crazy steep inclines only the NordicTrack Incline Trainer can offer. Steve and I got to try this piece of equipment out at the 2011 New Year New You event last year, co-sponsored by Sears and it rocked our world!

6. Starter Package – A great gift idea for someone who really wants to get fit is a starter package. Instead of spending money on a 1-year membership, get quality not quantity. A 3-month membership with some personal training to get them comfortable, a massage to make them feel special, and a new pair of tennis shoes to kick-start their new workout is a lot more exciting and inviting than a lonely membership.

7. iTunes Gift Card – Many people already have an iPhone or iPod, but everyone enjoys new music or new fitness apps. For the person that seems to have it all when it comes to the health and fitness gadgets, an iTunes Gift Card is the perfect gift.

8. Netflix Membership – One thing that makes time on the treadmill go by fast is watching movies on your iPad. Netflix makes it easy to watch movies and burn calories too!

9. Quality Earphones – Most ear buds can fall out easily when working out or running, so it’s important your fitness friend has headphones that sound good and stay put. My favorite headphones are Yurbuds. They fit your ear like a prosthetic and are made for movement. Tip: Since everyone’s ears are shaped differently, be sure to keep the receipt.

10. Athletic Clothing – Whether someone is starting a workout program for the first time or they are a gym rat, new athletic clothing is a welcomed gift. Target, sports outlets and TJ Maxx have some of the best clothes for the money – and you can’t go wrong with a Gift Certificate. My new fav brand is Reebok. After they partnered with CrossFit, they have some of the coolest clothes and shoes in the biz. If you want to get extra fancy, you can actually custom design your loved one shoes in their favorite colors!

Modified Article (by Bonnie Pfiester) as seen in Vero’s Voice

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


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