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Think Outside the Oven: 7 Ways To Cook Meat

We all get stuck in a cooking rut at times. We are such creatures of habits, we often forget their are other options outside of normal cooking routine – especially when cooking meat. To fix our rut, we often look for new recipes when we may need a new cooking method altogether.

When meat is cooked right, you barely need anything on it to make it taste great. For a dieter, that is key. The fewer ingredients, the fewer calories. So, I asked my facebook and twitter friends their favorite way to cook meat, they spoke out – and shared some great ideas.Here are 7 cooking methods to freshen up your meals and excite your taste buds (without packing on the pounds).

1.) Green Egg Smoker (&169) – Can we say Christmas Present? Yes, “I waaant thaaat”.

2. Crock Pot ($34-79) – Cook food while you sleep – this is my favorite way to cook. Cook chicken with Sweet Baby Rays’ BBQ sauce overnight and you’ll have an amazing mount of tasty meat by morning! (pictured left) Add vegetables and you have en entire meal without hardly breaking a sweat!

3. Wok ($59) – Cooking with a wok is great for people who don’t like the texture of one big chunk of meat, or like more flavor. Slice and dice up your favorite meat and veggies with a dash of olive oil and your favorite seasoning for a delicious quick fresh meal that packs a bunch of flavor in each bite.

4. Grill ($79 & up) – We grill up a bunch of meat every Monday for quick meals during the week. We keep the grill low, and cook the meat slow. Add big chunks of pineapple, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, tomato, zucchini, eggplant or asparagus too!

5. Rotisserie  ($199) – Another item on my wish list. Just be sure to peel the skin off before you eat it to save calories. The more options you have, the less bored you’ll become.

6. Roaster ($44) – Perfect for cooking Turkey on Thanksgiving Day, a roaster will keep lean meats moist and tender – and the big ones hold a ton of food so you can cook up several meals at once.

7. Indoor Grill ($59) – Not everyone has the space for an outdoor grill, so an indoor grill is the second best thing – or a quick fix in a rush. This was our primary way of cooking when we lived in our first apartment.

What is your favorite way to cook meat? Grill? Crock Pot? Oven? Stove Top? Join my facebook friends, and share your favorite cooking method below!

Kristin Hager Stones I love the crockpot..melts in your mouth.

The Get In Shape Girl grill or oven

Dee Spooner All of the above, keeps it interesting xx

Tara Finch Rotisserie

Steve Benway 1. Grill 2. Grill 3. Grill

Elle Curtin I like them all as long as it’s done right!

Alyssa Sterner Favorite is crock pot..but they all are delish!

Ma Ne Grilled… or smoked! Yum

Jennifer O’Keefe Grill is my absolute favorite by far (especially for Tandoori chicken, OMG!!)!

Kathy Cagnetta grilled!

Don Seymour Oven…….broil

Richard Cale Grill , george foreman grill, bake/broil, crock pot,

Bob Welch Burger King. (HAD to include his comment for a good laugh!)

Richard Cale Bk can grill stuff.. Well flame broil anyway

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