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Reebutt Workout: It’s Time to Rock Your Winter Jeans

Can I have my young bottom back please?

If only you could Reebutt. You know, get the butt you had when you were 10. When I see young little girls at the beach, I marvel at how nice their little bottoms are – but think about their lifestyle. They can sit squatted down playing in the sand for hours. No wonder those little things are perky!

Let’s be honest. Most women aren’t hanging out, wearing bikinis and skintight workout shorts like you see in many of the fitness motivational pictures or magazines. Most of us just want to look good in clothes, much less half naked.

Cold weather is coming, or is already here for some of you northerners. For us beach-town folks, we finally get to cover up a little – and it doesn’t matter how much you pay for your jeans if your butt is flat as a pancake or big as a house.

Don’t get me wrong, being in a bathing suit definitely makes me want to work on my derriere, but it doesn’t stop there. Good glutes can also change your appearance in clothes too. Specifically training the legs and glutes can get your booty ready – and I love me some Miss Me Jeans! Unfortunately, even a nice pair of jeans with enough bling on the pockets to blind someone, can’t hide our imperfections, no matter how flashy they are. So, don’t let the extra layer of clothing fool you into thinking it’s okay to get lazy. Keep working!

Benefits of a good glute routine: 

1. Lifts your butt
2. Turns pear shape bottoms to apple bottoms
3. Reduces the appearance of cellulite
4. Smoothes skin (wrinkles) and improves texture
5. Improves strength
6. Gives you a youthful appearance (at least from the rear! ha!)
7. Fills out deflated bottoms that otherwise sag, shake, rattle and roll.

The Reebutt Workout

Yes, his workout is a tribute to Reebok – because they are totally kicking people’s BUTTS these days – and people are loving it!

Try this super simple, but SUPER EFFECTIVE (ouchie) workout. Be ready to feel fire in your pants!!

This workout is HOT! (the burning muscle kind that is).

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Written Workout:

Go from one exercise straight to the next without rest for the best results. If it starts to burn (like a UTI, as Steve says), then shake it out and get right back at it. The reason this workout is so effective is because we’ll stay on one leg the whole time, and then swap legs and focus on the other leg.

20 Squats
20 Right Lunges
20 Right Stomps
20 Right Leg Cook Hip Lifts

20 Squats
20 Left Lunges
20 Left Stomps
20 Left Leg Cook Hip Lifts

REPEAT 2 TIMES (4 total)

Don’t be lazy this winter! #GetAfterIt – or I’ll have to get after you!

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