Celebrities Thin & Now: Why Fat Makes You Look Old

America loves to watch celebrities bounce around the scale. I don’t know if it’s because it makes people feel better about their own struggles or what, but we’ve all sat in shock while reading a tabloid featuring a star who lost control of their weight.

I feel bad that celebrities are under the microscope so much, but since everyone knows them, they are a good example to use (or maybe, I should say bad example) for what excess fat can do to someone.

After looking at the recent slide show featured on Fox News this week, “How Celebrities Lost Their MoJo” I couldn’t help but notice most of the celebrities that they were featuring appeared not to age well simply because they were overweight – even by just a few pounds.

Why Fat Ages You
In my opinion, often times fat is part of, or a result of, other abuse. Overeating and over-partying is common in Hollywood and can take a toll on someone. However, people who workout are more likely to be a little more protective over what goes in their body. In addition, fat literally weighs you down and wears you out. People who are heavy are more likely to look old and wore out just because they feel old and wore out. Lastly, when you are heavy, you tend to let other things go – make up, hair, clothing, etc. When we lose control of our weight, we often lose control of everything around us. We don’t try as hard to fight battles when life beats us down. Yet, when we gain control of our weight, we typically gain control of the rest of our life due to added self-confidence. We have more energy and drive to take on life’s challenges. Looking good is a result of feeling good. We feel younger, so we also appear younger.

Look at the celebrities over 50 who are fit and trim like Sheryl Crow, Madonna, Heather Locklear, Michelle Pfieffer, George Clooney, Jon Bon Jovi, and the list goes on. Fitness is really the true fountain of youth – and it’s practically free!

As for these next celebs, I’m SURE Fox picked out the worst pics they could find to make their point. But, sometimes pictures do speak a thousand words – and in this case, it screams “get healthy people”! Take a look at a few of my top (or rock-bottom) pics.

Celebs: Thin & Now

Val Kilmer is my most disappointing heavy celeb. I always thought he was so hot – and now he’s not. πŸ™

Kathleen Turner, you can still see her beauty, but imagine if she dropped the weight!

Matt Perry, still funny but a little fluffy.


Brigitte Bardot, fashion model, actor, singer and 1960’s sex symbol.

MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) – my mom used to love him. Now…not so much. πŸ™‚

You still gotta love Laverne and Shirley’s Penny Marshall, but thinner is a winner. Β 


Axl Rose’s pictures (from Guns & Roses) on Fox News didn’t do this transformation justice.


This before photo of Axl reminds me of how “pretty” hair band super stars were. Now, all he has left is the hair.

See all 87 before and after pics on Fox News.

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  • Renee Rose

    This isn’t accurate. An accurate article, would have been statements that said, if you’re still a size zero/two when you’re in your fifties, you’ll look much older. Your face will appear gaunt whether you have plastic surgery or not. If you’re fat, you’ll just look bad, regardless of your age. However, anyone over 50, look a hundred times younger when they have an extra fifteen pounds. If you have some extra weight (within 20 pounds), you’ll look much softer than your friends who think fitting into junior clothing at this late in the game make them look 25 again. If you were a size 4 most of your life and find yourself an 8 in you 50’s and 60’s, you’re doing good. Being too thin as you climb the ladder to your 60’s and higher, can result in easier other health problems as well as the way the outside of you looks. Just because society says size zero is how you “need” to be, doesn’t make them right. Want a few bites of chocolate cake? Go for it. Yes…..Life IS too short. Don’t get obese and do not…..whatever you do, starve yourself into sticks.

  • Zulaikha Byerly

    I’m 66 and had been carrying around 25 lbs. for 40 years on and off. I’ve been at my normal weight of118-115 lbs. at 5’5″” for almost two years. I’m a size 4 and I love it. Don’t kid yourself. Normal is better. Normal is healthier. Normal is “normal,” and not a not abnormal. Being even five pounds overweight is too much. It’s funny how people who are overweight or even obses wouldn’t tolerate their own pets being overweigt, and bright would their vets. Get normal, my friends.

  • ikki

    That’s the problem with the US. Seeing someone like B. Bardot age wothout botox in her face makes you think she looks horrible… well. She does not. Neither does Kathleen Turner… or Val Kilmer
    They look their age. REAL people look like that when they’re 50 or 60 years old. And being fat actually keeps you from getting wrinkles without the need of cosmetic surgery. And naming madonna as a positiv example of youth… well. You have never seen her without make up and photoshop.
    By the way… you KNOW all the celebs in magazines an tv etc. are photoshopped, right….
    But never mind. Let’s talk again when you’re 50. ^^

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      I’m closer to 50 than you think! (only 8 years away) and I speak with experience. My mom is over 60 and was 100lbs overweight. She has lost all the weight she carried for years. When she was heavy, she looked old and tired – it was just pure exhaustion from carrying all that “baggage” – as well as the evidence of abusing her body. She was wore out. I do agree EVERYTHING is photoshopped now, and I actually have seen Madonna without make-up and she isn’t all that pretty I admit – but the healthier people are, the more energy they have, the more vibrant they are, and the more young they look because of it. To me, it’s not even about good looks, it’s just about feeling good – and when you feel good, you look good! πŸ™‚

    • LibertyLover

      While there are those who naturally stave off the visible signs of aging longer than most, I agree with you in general. 50 is not the new 30. 50 is as 50 as it’s ever been. 60 is 60. 70 is 70. All the hair dye, skin removal surgeries and veneers in the world won’t change it. Everyone I’ve seen whose dropped 100 pounds in middle age or beyond has looked like deflated balloons. Usually pasty skinned deflated balloons. It may be healthy but it ain’t pretty! I think wrinkles from aging look better than wrinkles from massive weight loss. Sophisticed and wise older women have always been beautiful to me.

  • thunder2toned

    Agree too skinny can make you age too.

    Recently I stayed at the Sofitel in New York and they had a photographic exhibition of Bridget Bardot in the lobby. She really was quite the beauty. She’s barely recognizable now.

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    #1 – We need to collaborate on a post together, LOL, since Celebrities are TOTALLY my bag πŸ˜›

    #2 – Being over weight certainly makes you age quicker but… on the opposite side of the spectrum, being underweight ALSO ages you a lot!

    We all need to find out happy-medium weight! And everyone is different! There is no one-size fits all, and I know YOU know that Bonnie! πŸ™‚

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