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Fitness Motivation: It’s Time to Claim Your Reward


Most people who aren’t willing to make the sacrifices don’t fully comprehend the reward. It’s not that the reward is not something someone can comprehend, it’s the issue of that person not fully believing and comprehending it can happen to them. It’s time to claim your reward. It’s YOURS to have if you want it bad enough. Once they begin to grasp that, they will begin to resist all kinds of temptations and conquer all kinds of battles within their mind, because the reward is not just a vision, it’s REAL.

Unfortunately, many people believe they are capable of reaching their goals without making sacrifices. This is why so many people think they can exercise the fat off, without exercising self control with their diet. Most people fool themselves into thinking they can reach their goal with mediocrity, but that type of effort only yields disappointment. Failure after failure, from halfway working toward a goal, causes a person to become doubtful they can ever reach their goal – and they are right. They will never reach their best doing half their best.

Once you finally accept that your goal will require sacrifice, and that it will definitely be worth it, you will begin to look at every temptation differently. Instead of living in constant compromise, you will know that your way of life is hot and cold – and never lukewarm. You are either working toward a goal or your not. And you will be fully aware that every poor decision slows your progress, and every good decision gets you one step closer to your goal.

Next time you crave your favorite guilty pleasure, ask yourself “How bad do I want to reach my goal?” It’s a Yes/No kind of answer. It’s black and white. You either want it bad enough or you don’t. Because, in most cases, you can’t have both.  – B –

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  • thunder2toned

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    This post and image – “You will succeed when you realize your goal is worth the sacrifice” – really resonated with me today. For a long time I’ve stuck with the belief that I don’t eat that badly. I believed that if I cut down on the snacking a little and went to the gym more I would drop lbs.
    Over the last year I’ve had times when I’ve been good with my diet and times when I have been good with exercise but rarely both at the same time. The result: I’m not gaining weight any more 🙂 but not losing much either 🙁 So now it’s time to accept the weight I am… or wake up and realise it’s going to take more to drop more.
    Bonnie’s blog is great… if you aren’t already following her I’d recommend it.

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