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GET PFIT: SMALL Changes, BIG Results

When Steve and I started our very first Boot Camp in Vero Beach, Florida, I knew the education was going to be just as important as the training – maybe even more important. So I decided to write a simple workbook that could help people grasp this seemingly complicated fitness lifestyle. People were getting results like crazy. As news traveled, we began to have people from out of town come visit us for a weekend crash course. Again, people went home and got results all on their own, with the help of this simple little book. That’s when we realized we could help more people than ever before, so I started sharing my book with people who had never met us – like Jenny Venn from Wyoming.

Over 2,000 Miles Away and 70 Pounds Lighter

Not only was Jenny reading my little book, but she was doing our online BCx Boot Campprogram – and all without my knowledge. She wasn’t getting any special attention from Steve or I. No tweets, facebook posts, phone calls, emails or encouragement from either one of us. Jenny was facing this challenge all by herself. Then, 365 days and 70 pounds later, she writes us and shares her story.

I have been in an academic setting my entire life, I have been obsessed with weight loss reality TV shows since they existed, and I have read magazine article after article on diet and nutrition for weight loss because I knew I deserved more than to be fat and unhealthy my entire life. But when your sister shared your book with me, I read it cover to cover in one sitting and my life was changed forever.” Jenny shared (pictured right at her heaviest while going through a drive through).

It’s Not Rocket Science (Thank the Lord!)

I have to say, I am not a dietician and I don’t have a doctorate in psychology, and despite what many people want you to think, fitness is not rocket science. I don’t feel you need to read a novel to “get” fitness. Sometimes it’s simple truths and helpful analogies that can help people have a better understanding of weight management and healthy living.

Jenny explained, “I had never connected the dots until your book explained it to me, that weight loss was simply a combination of math and science.  A large reason that I also think your book was transformative for me was that it spoke though metaphors. I’m a designer – metaphors are my life! When you told me that I couldn’t cheat on my marriage and expect it to work so why would I think that could cheat on my diet and make it work, a lightbulb when off. And when you said that calories are like money and that I wouldn’t intentionally or repeatedly overdraw my bank account, a massive flood light turned on! Those two things were all I needed to hear to change my life forever.” 

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears

Sometimes a simple story is all someone needs for something to click. That is my desire – to help fitness click for you. I use stories and metaphors because I myself need stories and metaphors in the learning process. Sometimes I think the worst students make the best teachers. I believe my own struggle to understand diet and exercise made it easier for me to help others.

Small Book, Big Results

Now, the same great information we give our boot campers is available online: The GET PFIT Handbook. Use the book in conjunction with one of our free online workout programs like BCx Boot Camp, BCx Express, Design Your Body or Basic Training, and experience your own success story.

Jenny shares her own struggle with food, “I know it’s going to sound cliche, but the honest to God truth is that if I can do this ANYONE can do this. I was hopelessly addicted to food. I thought about it all day every day – from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. I would plan my days around what I wanted to eat. A year ago I was living to eat – not eating to live. Now my entire relationship with food has changed and it’s the other way around. There are no amount words, gifts, or money that could even begin to thank you enough for completely changing my life and my future.”

If your excuse has been that you don’t know what to do, or you don’t have access to a gym – quit your excuses. Jenny succeeded, over 2,000 miles away, by herself, with minimal help. 

“Steve and Bonnie, as an educator, I strive to live a life of purpose and I need you to know what a profound impact that you have had on mine. You have not only changed my life forever but also that of those around me. I can only hope that though my story they too will be empowered to take on this huge, yet more than doable, challenge and finally get rid of all that extra baggage that has been holding them, their happiness, and their health hostage!” Jenny

CLICK HERE to learn more about The GET PFIT Handbook. I truly hope it helps YOU reach your goals! (Cost: $14.99)

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