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Are You Drinking 10 Teaspoons of Sugar

Most of us would not sit down and eat 10 teaspoons of sugar in one sitting, yet millions of people are doing just that – they just don’t know it. The average soda has 10 whopping teaspoons of sugar in one bottle. That’s like adding 20 sugar cubes to your coffee.

If the sugar was settled at the bottom and visible, the thought of consuming it would probable gross you out. However, the sugar is disguised in a refreshing fluid, and people are drinking them by the gallons – 44.7 gallons a year to be exact, blowing away all other beverage including bottled water, beer, milk and coffee.

Unfortunately, one of our biggest drinkers are our youth. And to put this into perspective, if a teenager were to have 2 sodas a day every day, they would gain 208LBS from their their first day of high school until graduation if they don’t exercise.

And that’s just scraping the surface. After you take a look at these statistics, brought to us by Insurance Quotes, you may have a whole new outlook on this bubbly beverage.

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  • Mike Alderman

    coincidence. I measured 5 tsps of cinnabon creamer before I poured it into my coffee to the desired color. It took all 5 teaspoons, that was 30 grams of sugar per the bottle. It was then I decided to stop this. Going black tomorrow morning and having cherrios and a protein shake with a couple grams of sugar. Trying to stay under 35 grams a day counting sugar in fruit. coincidence.

  • Tina

    So glad I cut soda out of my diet. I only have a root beer or coffee soda VERY occasionally, a few times a year, as a treat. Regular Coke or Pepsi taste disgusting to me now and I can’t even handle the diet versions anymore. If I’m going to consume that much sugar in one sitting, I at least want it to taste good!

  • saaj444

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