3 Ways to Work Up A Sweat in the Cool AC

If you’re like me, you aren’t as eager to go for a run when it’s scorching hot outside. Well, there are other great ways to burn calories and take your training up a notch – indoors!

1. Double Date with the Elliptical & an iPad. My favorite way to burn calories on the elliptical is watching my favorite shows on the ABC app or my Direct TV app. I actually save certain shows just for cardio so the shows are special and I only can watch them if I work for them.

2. Go group X. Some people love classes, others (like me) don’t. However, when it’s too hot outside to run, classes are a great alternative. We just have to step out of our comfort zone and try different classes until we find one we like. If you don’t like classes, most of the time you just haven’t found the right one for you. If you aren’t a member of a gym, get a short-term membership or trial for a chance to try classes before you commit to joining. The instructor, members, staff and schedule are all very important.

3. Plyo your butt off. When people think of cardio, they think of running, elliptical, spinning or doing classes. Most people are blank when thinking of other ways to burn calories on the living room floor. Beside jumping rope (which is about the most boring and grooling thing I’ve ever done), most people don’t have a list of go-to exercises they could do on the fly. However, there are TONS of exercises that will not only melt more fat than a morning run, but tone your up all over – and all it requires is a few feet of floor space and your body!

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