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10 Travel-Friendly Workouts

Working out while vacationing can be difficult. Whether it’s finding a gym or tracking a route to run,  it’s just not always easy. However, if you bring your iPhone, iPad or laptop, you can whip out endless free workouts that require little to no fitness tools -and if you really want to burn some serious calories, they will have a lot of plyometric exercises in them.

Here are a few of our best BCx plyometric circuits that require little to no equipment and can be done in any hotel room. Click on the link, follow the directions, and watch the FitStudio video demonstrations and give each workout a try! Each workout will take anywhere from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. Do just one, or choose a few! Do them alone, or incorporate them with your weight routine.

1. Boot Camp Warmup – Cardio & Full Body Warm Up
2. Ten-four – Cardio/Full Body
3. Mountain Climber / Burpee Suicides – Cardio/Full
4. Old School – Cardio/Full Body
5. Dead Legs – Cardio/Lower Body
6. Bear Crawl Suicides – Cardio/Upper Body
7. SSS – Skater/squat/shuffle – Cardio/Glutes
8. Burnt 3 – Cardio/Upper Body (pull up bar required)
9. The Fire – Cardio/Full Body (pull up bar required)
10. The Bomb – Cardio/Full Body

Steve’s #FitFluential HIIT Workout For Road Warriors


#1 45 Seconds – Air Squats
#2 45 Seconds – Push Ups with Knees to Elbows
#3 45 Seconds – Burpees
#4 45 Seconds – Alternating Oblique Sit Ups
#5 1 Minute Rest

Repeat 4 Rounds for a fast and effective 20 minute workout!

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