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Workout on Facebook?

HELP! Get Me Out of this Fitness Funk!
Need a new workout program? Or need to just start one? 

Need guidance, instruction and daily motivation?
Want to train with a trainer but don’t have the funds?
Need to be a part of something that holds you accountable?
Want to connect with other people on the same fitness path?
Then you are going to LOVE this! 


New Workout App on Facebook
Not everyone is self-motivated enough to search out a workout for the day and go hit it alone. Most people are looking for something special something to do, or “join”, to give them purpose, direction and goals to help them get results. Yet, more and more people are logging into facebook every day and spending more and more time socializing online. That’s exactly why we were asked to put together a unique summer fitness challenge for Designer Whey to bring to your facebook world. It’s time to get fit & make it social (and FUN!)!

Workout at Home, at the Office, in the Yard, in a Park, at the Beach, or in the Gym!
Today is a very special day for Steve and I. It’s the day some of the best trainers join together to bring you one of the coolest fitness challenge ever. Not only can you use this Facebook App to workout, but you can interact with all the trainers & connect with others working toward the same goals – PLUS you get a chance to win awesome prizes for showing up each day! Steve explains the challenge in this quick intro video.


Get Started
CLICK HERE to get the Facebook App. Each day will be a different workout with different instructions to offer variety. Once the workout video is done, you’ll be able to enter to win all kinds of prizes. Yes, it’s on the honor system – we are hoping you will not just sit there and watch the whole workout! And if you do, we hope you feel guilty enough to at least do some of it!! 🙂 Now, go and get started!!

See You There!

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