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Serious Gym Bag for Serious Gym Rats

When I go to the gym, I look I’m moving in. Members and staff have always teased me when they watch me lug my purse, laptop bag, gym bag and lunch bag in to work everyday. And I don’t blame them, it really is ridiculous.

As you know, I like to tell you about products I’ve discovered (both good and bad), and occasionally I do product reviews. Well, I recently discovered a really KILLER gym bag that solved all my problems and I just HAD to share! It’s called the LUXX gym bag by I have to admit, at first glance, they looked similar to other gym bags, but the more learned, the more features I saw that could really help me out.

1. Eleven Awesome Pockets. Oh my goodness, how I love pockets. A girl’s gotta have her pockets! A pocket for my phone, gotta hold my water bottle, one for my headphone and arm band, another for supplements, and don’t forget one for make-up! The list goes on. That many separate pockets TOTALLY ROCK in my book – and this one has enough to organize even MY world!

2. Stinky-Shoes Solution.  Yep, you heard me. There is a separate vented pocket for your tennis shoes. So no more stinky-feet smelling clothes, or sand in with your nice outfits and dirty marks on your light colored clothes. You now can keep them separated – and that’s how it should be.

3. Padded Computer Compartment. OK, this one feature alone sold me!! No more separate laptop bag!!! OMG! Freeeeeeeeedom!!!! My Macbook Pro slips in nicely in the back padded pocket and the inside has plenty of space for any computer accessories I may need.

4. Yoga Mat Holder. Whaaaat? How cool is THAT! Honestly! Saturday I went to yoga and if I didn’t have this bag, I would have juggled a purse, gym bag, brief case AND a yoga mat. Instead, I proudly walked in the gym with just this one bag. Yes, I felt very cool. ha!

5. No Need for a Purse. I’ve always brought my purse AND my gym bag with me to the gym. However, with the large side compartment boasting 4 super easy-access pockets, I don’t need my purse. The only reason I used to carry it is because I didn’t want to toss all my stuff into a big gym bag. Now I have my make-up in the zipper slot, my iphone in the 2nd slot, my camera in the 3rd slot (yes, I always bring a camera every where I go), and my perfume/body spray in the 3rd slot (which, right now, is LaVanilla Laboratories Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Passion Fruit). Then I put my keys on the built in lanyard (also great for your locker key and/or gym membership card) and I toss my wallet into the spacious side compartment and I literally have a built in purse. I feel so organized it’s not even funny!

6. A Bag that Inspires. Every time you open this bag, you will see inspirational words to keep you going. A nice touch for sure!

7. Incredible Durability. I’ve spent anywhere from $49-$99 on a gym bag. They are normally thin nylon or canvasy bags that never last. The stitching comes lose, zippers bust, or the bag rips and frays. Although this bag is on the pricey side in comparison to mainstream brands, there is absolutely no comparison. As soon as you touch and feel it, you can tell this sucker is going to go the distance. And if you are like me, and your gym bag goes with you everywhere, it pays to have a gym that won’t fall apart on you. They are so confident in their quality, they offer a quality guarantee. They will fix or replace it in the event you have an issue. How’s that for service?!

8. People love them. When push comes to shove, what really matters most is what their customers think – and they’re getting rave reviews. Live Well 360 bags have been featured in top publications including Oxygen MagazineExperience Life Magazine, the German edition of Shape Magazine, LiveStrong, FitSugar, and SparkPeople – and of course, now  🙂

Bottom line, this bag is worth the investment! And, although I’m a pretty girly girl, it’s simple design makes this bag great for both men and women.

The only thing I would add is some bling for girls like me. If you know me, you know I like flash. So I look forward to seeing if the line gets fancier as it grows. I’d love to see some cool prints, Swarovski crystals, or Gold accents appear on these bags in the future. I’ll throw a penny in a wishing pond and see if it comes true! And if it does, I’ll be the first to write about it! 🙂

Until then, I guess I better order a some Inspriational Charms! Happy Gym Bag Shopping! Let me know if you decide to try one!! You’ll LOVE IT!     – B –

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


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