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Are You Climbing the Fitness Ladder?

If you have a fitness goal, then there are steps you have to take, much like a career, to get you there. Here are a few things to think about.

1. Have you lost focus?
2. Are you so honed in on the “job” you have forgotten the reward?
3. Are you just punching the proverbial clock and forgetting that a big pay off requires big performance?

Maybe it’s time to rethink things!

You’re training for a purpose. You have a goal of how you want to look, feel and perform. If I had to guess, you don’t want a small reward, or an occasional bonus – you want a BIG pay off.

Big pay offs take work. It takes dedication. No high-end executive got where they are by calling out sick. When their boss asked them to do something, they did that, and more. They weren’t late, they showed up with a smile, and they didn’t complain. Does that sound like you in the gym?

Are you giving your workouts everything you’ve got, as if you are up for the next promotion? I’ve got news for you – you ARE up for the next promotion. If you continue pressing on, you will experience a whole new kind of promotion that no boss or economy can ever take away from you. Work hard! Because hard work pays!

It’s time to climb the fitness ladder – all the way to the top!

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