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The Need for Healthy “Me Time”

What is your quiet time? I don’t listen to Metallica, but I can say most of my quiet time does involve heavy metal – weights, that is! 🙂

On a serious note, I don’t get a lot of quiet time. My fitness time is my quiet time, however my quiet time is not always quiet – it’s just “me time”. My “me time” may be playing DJ Special Ed‘s latest mix while hitting weights or listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast while on my morning run. It might be running the bridges with my BFF or doing a BCx Boot Camp workout at home. No matter what my quiet time looks like (or sounds like), it’s so important to make time for it.

We need to take some time out to work on ourselves and to get away from facebook, texting and emails. We need the time to actually think, focus and release stress. Even if your time isn’t quiet, I guarantee you’ll enjoy a certain level of peace after it – no matter the noise around you. -B-

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


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