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Reality Check: Eat Clean or Tight Jeans?

Why do we dread eating healthy more than being stuck in tight jeans, complete with muffin top spilling over the sides. I have to admit, I ate enough Mexican food to KILL someone Sunday night – and all I could think about was how I couldn’t WAIT to quit feeling so uncomfortable.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you are about to bust out of your clothes. Between holding your stomach in and just feeling plain crappy, it’s very tempting to reach for a quick fix, like putting on a big baggy t-shirt. Sometimes, we even go as far as buy looser clothing – but if we don’t change our habits, we’ll fill those out too.

Next time you think about how restricting eating clean is, think about how restricting your favorite clothes get when you let your weight get out of control. Suddenly eating clean seems pretty darn freeing!!


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  • Tina

    I totally agree! Everyone overindulges from time to time but overdoing it too often means that you won’t look or feel very good. I think part of the problem is that many people think eating clean means eating boring, tasteless food and that doesn’t have to be true! I’ve lost more than 85 pounds and I’ve done it eating a wonderful varied diet with lots of tasty and satisfying food. Food is a huge source of pleasure for many people and I think you can still get lots of satisfaction from a healthy diet. It’s just been a question of making healthier substitutions, focusing on whole foods and portion control. Following these principles has made my transition to maintenance so much easier because I really haven’t changed anything!

  • johnac23

    Absolutley Luv this post we have a saying around the gym Eat Clean Train Dirty! We put all that hard work in the gym why not reap the rewards we work so hard for!

  • Dennis Mastrolia

    Great post Bonnie! I did something similar too. Feeling “crappy” both mentally and physically is just not worth the enjoyment of the meal…but we all do it from time to time.And to make matters worse my time restraints are at this time of the year just overwhelming. Up at 3:45 a.m and a full day till 7:p.m. or whenever the phone orders stop for that day. That means no workout for a while and full attention to mandatory activities (running the company). Just my rant–All the best to you and to Steve. Dennis Mastrolia. 781-910-0313.

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