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Are You Fit Enough to Have Fun?

Some of the best experiences take a little work. Whether you are hiking through challenging terrain to see a beautiful waterfall or zipling across a mountain top to get a breathtaking view, it takes a certain level of physical activity, strength, stamina and balance to have fun sometimes.

We were reminded of this when Steve and the guys went white water rafting. Before the group hit the water, we noticed one group was very overweight. We were concerned they weren’t physically fit enough to do the grueling Class 5 trip. Then, while the group was in orientation, the head guide said “We encourage aggressive self-rescue”. That’s when we really got nervous!

Being Out of Shape Can be Dangerous
All of the wives drove down to a couple lookout points to shoot photos of our men going by, we noticed the guides in the other boat were struggling to get their heavier passengers safely around the falls. We were right! These people were really struggling.

One woman was completely laid out in the boat, while the others were so exhausted they weren’t even paddling. Since thy weren’t able to paddle, the raft wasn’t always going where the guides needed it to avoid trees and rock – resulting in the boat going over the falls backwards and sideways, spilling people out of the boat and putting everyone in danger.

Being Out of Shape Isn’t Fun
Not only did it make it scary for them, it spoiled the fun for others around them. The guides were working overtime to make up for their lack of paddling and other boaters had to stop and help save them every time they went off course or fell into the rushing water.

Being Out of Shape is Risky
Not only does being fit allow you to be more active and do more things, but it also helps you do them safely. Hiking through difficult terrain is challenging enough for the physically fit, but can be downright dangerous for someone who isn’t strong enough to save themselves if need be.

Being Out of Shape Puts Others at Risk
Not only do you risk injury if you aren’t able to perform certain tasks safely, but think of the others who will attempt to come to your rescue. Can they save you if you are too heavy for them or not strong enough to hold on? They may risk their own life trying to make up for your weaknesses.

Being Out of Shape Can Make You Miss Out
You don’t have to be an extreme vacationer to benefit from being fit. Even something as simple as sightseeing can be a complete bomb if you get tired easily from the endless walking. That’s when cardio pays off big time. The more fit your heart and lungs are, the longer you can last on excursions.

We had to do some serious hiking and climbing to get to this little piece of paradise.

Being Fit is Just More Fun!
It’s easy to think of working out as actual work, but think of it as an investment on a more fun future. You don’t have to go kneeboarding or take adventurous excursions to put your fitness to the test, but I guarantee your vacations will be the most fun vacations you’ve ever had when you are fit enough to enjoy every second of them.

Being fit is not just about looking better, or living longer. Being fit is about living better.

Thank you Steve for such a GREAT anniversary weekend in the mountains! Thank you for holding me accountable and helping me stay fit enough to experience life to the fullest! What a FUN vacation! What a FUN 18 years!!!

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  • Tina

    I totally agree with you! I can’t believe how much more limited my life was when I was almost 90 pounds heavier than I am now. The idea that I may have put other people in danger is even worse! Happy Belated Anniversary–it looks like you celebrated in style and with lots of fun!

      • Tina

        Hi Bonnie! I’ve made so much progress in the past two years. I started at almost 240 pounds, which wasn’t even my highest weight ever–I was up around 260 about ten years ago, lost 115 pounds and slowly regained most of it until taking action again. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter most of my life but this was by far the most extreme. When I was 240 and 260, I was constantly in embarassing situations because of my weight. I went to an amusement park with my husband and could barely fit into one of the rides. I went scuba diving, which I love, and afterwards we went for a ride on a banana boat. After we all fell off, I didn’t have the strength to pull myself back on and some of the other people struggled to pull my very overweight body back onto the boat. Airplane seatbelts were tight on me and I often had trouble squeezing into seats and normal chair. Just walking around normally was a struggle because of my weight and I wasn’t that old–I’m only 35 now! Once I started to take action, I began with baby steps. First I just set a calorie goal and incorporated as much walking as I could handle. As I lost more weight, I joined a gym and started changing my workouts and adding strength training and yoga. I’ve been constantly modifying my program to keep myself challenged and make more progress. My initial weight loss goal was to be within a healthy range for my height, which I reached in early March. I’ve been maintaining since then and have actually lost another five pounds. I’m now trying to figure out what my ideal sustainable weight is but I’m happy to say that I’m at my lowest in at least eight years. I realize that years of yo-yo dieting and being extremely overweight have done some damage to my body, so there are still areas that I’m not happy about. My progress is slow in that department, but with patience, persistence and a willingness to change and adapt what I do, it IS happening. I now follow a diet that’s about 90% clean, even in maintenance, and have become the strength training girl. That, coupled with interval cardio has made a HUGE difference for me. Following blogs like yours has been a huge inspiration for me and I’ve used some of your workouts with great success. I’ve been incorporating your ‘Superior Gluterior’ workout into my plan for the past few months and it’s done wonders for not only my glutes, but also my quads and hamstrings. I’ve actually been proud to wear shorts this season! Bathing suits are another issue, but I’m working on that. These changes have been huge for me because I’m like you, I don’t love exercising, but I love the results. I think we’re proof that even people like us can be successful (and you’re MUCH more successful than I am!). I love reading about and seeing what people like you and Steve, who not only talk the talk but walk the walk, are doing to keep fit and healthy. Your very full and active lives are an inspiration to me and keep me going!

  • johnac23

    Happy belated Anniversary! Those that are fit together stay together! Being fit and healthy lets u enjoy what life has too offer as well as being there for one another! U Guys Rock!!!

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