Pfiester Pfridays: Join me Behind the Scenes

A typical Friday doing not-so-typical cool things
While Steve was on the road to Boca to shoot his weekly Friday shows with one of our BCx Trainers, Cristina, for LiveExercise, I was takin’ care of business at our home office all morning, meeting all my Friday deadlines: design my weekly ad, write my blog, finalize the BCx Bikini Boot Camp program for Max Fitness, write my Honestly Bonnie column for FitStudio and finalize a few tasks for Designer Whey protein as they prepared for their new site launch.

Fiji Bound
Once I checked everything off my to do list, it was event time! While Steve was wrapping up his shows yesterday afternoon, I was heading to our local high school football field to set up for American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. This year’s theme Relay was countries, so our gym decided to be Fiji – because you have to have a great body if you go to Fiji right?!

Surviving Fiji
Since the CBS Survivor reality show did a season in Fiji, we decided to go WILD and play the Survivor part (perfect for the American Cancer Society too!). Frayed jeans, bikini top, worn tee, natural hair and a fun hat would be my “costume” for the event.

Our staff did an AMAZING job dressing up our tent with palm fronds, grass decor and tiki torches. I painted tribal faces and we whipped up some yummy tropical smoothies for donations, compliments of Designer Whey. Our members did a great job coming out to walk and support such a great cause – and Steve finally got back to town and joined us too!

Surviving another busy Friday!
Finally, I got to go home and crash with Steve, who had dinner waiting (thank goodness!). My final task for the day was to check my email and social media accounts, and that’s when I saw the good news – Designer Whey launched their new website! What a wonderful way to end a productive day! WOO HOO! As the resident fitness experts for Designer Whey, Steve and I celebrate the beginning of an exciting year with the #1 protein company in the nation!

Workout with Us
The first workout to launch on the site is called “Basic Training”  4-week workout program – not because it’s hard, but because it’s truly basic. This 3-day a week program is simple, effective and requires a minimal amount of time, space and tools. Perfect for any begginer, this program grows in intensity, and length, as you get stronger and more fit.

Our next program to come out (in a week or two) is Design Your Body. This program is a 4-week program with 5 workouts a week – a total of 17 fresh new set of circuits (called Blocks) – adaptable to workout beginners to athletes.

Get Ready!
Steve and I will be writing weekly blogs and doing bi-weekly workouts exclusively for Designer Whey, so be sure to follow them, like them and get E-news so you are the 1st to know what’s new at the all-new Designer Whey!

One Thing Missing
People often think all I do is workout for a living. With a day like today, you probably can see how working out is just as hard to squeeze in for a “fitness professional” as it is for any business person. It was one thing that did not make my to-do list yesterday. You see, we all have our “bad days”. The key to success is not beating yourself up for them and just picking up right where you left off. Yesterday was a productive day, and missing my workout was a small sacrifice for a great cause!


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