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You Can’t Compete with What You Eat

You may be working out harder than you have to.

Are you investing hours of your day trying to burn off what you aren’t willing to cut out of your diet? I think many people are spending a unnecessary amount of time and energy doing fat-melting workouts simply because they aren’t willing to control what they eat. As Steve says, You can’t compete with what you eat” so let me save you a lot of time, energy and frustration.

Unless you just have all the time in the world to run off every calorie you consume, there is no reason for that much cardio. Practice a little self-discipline and lighten your work load. Otherwise, you are going to find yourself completely discouraged, and worn out, from punishing your body for what your mouth keeps doing.

It’s not always the meals we choose, but the extras. Instead of eating 1/2 a bagel we eat a whole bagel. Instead of having a coffee, we have a fancy latte. We treat ourselves with “one small thing” that takes a not-so-small amount of time to erase. Unfortunately, it’s all the extra that makes us extra large. If you can control the extras, you can control your waistline – and not have to do the extra work to erase your mistakes.

Here’s the reality behind what it takes to erase extra calories:

1 Tall Salted Caramel Latte  = 1 Hour Power Walk

1 Side of Chili’s Cole Slaw = 1 Hour of Yoga

Side of Ranch Dressing at Subway = 3 Mile Jog

1 McDonald’s Medium French Fries = One Hour of Zumba

Dairy Queen Dipped Chocolate Cone = 1 Hour of Kickboxing

1 Boston Market Broccoli & Cheese Soup = 1 Hour on the Elliptical

Duncan Donuts Mocha Coffee with Cream = 1 Hour on the Treadmill at 4mph

1 Slice of Little Caesars’ Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza = 1 Hour of Aerobics Class

1 Panera Everything Bagel with Light Veggie Cream Cheese = 1 Hour of High Impact Aerobics

1 Steak & Shake Medium Cookies & Cream Shake = 1 Hour of Boot Camp AND 1 Hour Power Walking

Chili’s Bottomless Tostada Chips & Salsa = 1 Hour Running at 6mph (10-minute miles) AND 1 Hour of Aerobics

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