Never Forget

It is the day we remember the cross. When I was a kid, Easter was always more than Easter bunny and candy-filled baskets. Although my mom always made sure I enjoyed the childhood festivities, I always knew Easter was not about rabbits and eggs.

While I may have been in church every day the door opened, I realize many people did not have that type of home life. And while recent statistics say 78.4% of Americans would check the “Christian” box under Religion, I’d venture to say a great number of those people don’t think much about this day.

Before you read further, this isn’t my normal fitness blog. You won’t learn a new exercise or diet tip today. This is just who I am – this is me sharing my most personal thoughts today. If nothing else, it will give you a bit of insight on who I am, why I do what I do, and who I want to be more like. It’s about my personal hero.

We associate “Never Forget” with all the lives lost on 9/11 – and our nation should never forget that awful day. Not just because of the lives that were lost, but because those lives are an example of the reason we fight for freedom and safety. With war so distant from most of us, this particular event was an eye opener to many. War hit home. Evil hit home. And I know I, for one, will never forget.

Today, is one of those “Never Forget” days for me – the day I need to be reminded of the cross. Whether you are a Christian or not, think of Jesus like this: He was a man who, whether you believe it or not, believed he was here for a greater purpose – to save us. A hero. Of course I believe this is true, but let’s just pretend he died on the cross just believing He was saving us from our sins. Look at what he endured for our sake.

39 Lashes 
He received 39 lashes from a whip called the “Cat-o-nine-tails”, a rod about a foot long with 9 leather straps.Attached to the end of each strap was a piece of broken bone or rock with sharp edges. The scourging was to remove every bit of flesh from the back without killing the man.  40 lashes was the number of lashes it took to kill a man.

The Crown
After the scourging, the soldiers teased him for being the “King of the Jews” and pressed a crown of thorns, with thorns 1 to 2 inches long, on His head so hard the scripture says the thorns pierced His skull. After that, he was forced to carry his own cross on his severely wounded body and take it to where he would die.

The Cross
He was then nailed to the cross with nails driven through his wrists and feet near the Medial nerve so that when the weight of the body caused the nail to press against this nerve, he would experience indescribable shooting pain. Hanging on the cross made it difficult to breath while hanging, so he would have to push off his hands and feet in order to stand up for enough time to take a deep breath, causing even more of the shooting nerve pain through his body. Because of this, most men died from exhaustion asphyxia or suffocation.

Historians agree that Jesus was a real man. He was a real man that really died on the cross for the purpose to save us. God or no God – that is quite a hero. A selfless man that endured all of that for a chance to save souls.

As a Christian, I am so thankful for Easter, for the reminder of that day of the cross. It’s not supposed to be just a title, like being “American”. it’s a way of life. It’s people who desire to be Christ-like – selfless, giving everything of themselves for the sake of others. It’s living for a purpose. Selfless love.

Out of all the heros in the world, Jesus, you are the ultimate hero to me. The man who loved the world so much, you gave your life. What amazing love.

Have a wonderful Easter.

He is Risen – I know because He lives in my heart today. 



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