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NEVER FORGET: Retrain Your Fitness Brain

If you’ve read my blog for a while, it’s probably not the first time you’ve heard me say “you reap what you sow”. This could not be any more evident than with fitness. It’s just a simple fact: You train hard, you will look like you train hard. If you neglect your body, you will look like you neglect your body.

Every time I crack down on my diet and train hard, I’m always amazed at how fast the body responds when you give fitness your 100%. Really? Am I really that surprised every single time this happens? Yup! I’m in the industry and somehow I forget the thrill of seeing your hard work and dedication really pay off – and I forget just how WORTH IT it is!.

Never Forget
It’s like I come up with a case of fitness retardation. Somehow, when I am in the middle of fat and lazy land, I forget what it feels to be at my ideal weight – and it takes me a while to “get it” again (yes, I’m slow). Note the word “ideal”. My ideal weight is just that magic weight where I personally feel my best. This may not be a number for you. Truth is, I don’t even know what my ideal weight is – I just know it when I find it.

For me, it’s that feeling of putting on jeans and not having fat roll over the sides.  It’s being able to put on a fitted shirt and be comfortable in it without feeling like I have to suck in my gut the entire time to avoid popping a button (see hilarious video clip below!). It’s just the place I feel my absolute best – yet, when I’m diving in a bowl of chips and salsa, that feeling gets trumped by the taste of cilantro on my tongue. If only we could never forget.


Retrain Your Mind
If we can retrain our mind to think of the reality when we taste food or think of the reward when we are in the middle of a hard workout, we’d respond differently. Eventually our first thought when we face a high calorie food would not be how it tastes, but how it makes us feel – and I don’t know ANY high-calorie food that after I’ve eaten I thought “I am SO glad I ate that, I feel SO good!” And all those times we’re tempted to skip our workouts, if we could just remember how GREAT they make us feel in that very lazy pity-party moment, we’d RUN to the gym!

You truly do reap what you sow. We may not turn into a french fry after going to McDonalds, but I can guarantee you won’t feel, or look, as good as when you eat quality food and do quality work.

“Being fit feels better than food tastes”

Crap in = Crap out
Quality in = Quality out
It’s just that simple and it’s worth it!

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