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FIT TIP: The Secret Behind the Impossible

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” St. Francis of Assis.

You surely can’t do the impossible, if you aren’t even doing what is possible now. Maybe you aren’t doing what’s possible because you are too busy attempting the impossible. This can be anything from trying to maintain a crazy workout schedule that would take an act of God to keep, or it could be your poor attempt to buy all that healthy food that is rotting in your refrigerator because you haven’t had time to cook it. Before you can do what’s possible, you need to know what you realistically can pull off right now.

Bridge the Gap 

I believe people often set their sites too high. It may not be too high for someone else, but it could be too high for you – at this exact time in your life. If this is the case, what do you do when you can’t reach something? You bring a ladder out – and the same goes for your goals.

You must have something in place to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, no matter how impossible it may seem. How steep the climb depends on how close you are to the goal. Another words, if you are far away from your destination, it will be a mild climb and may take a while. If you are wanting to reach your goal quicker, the climb will be more challenging. But remember, BOTH ways will get you to your goal. You just have to decide on what you can handle – both mentally and physically.

If you are impatient, you may require a steep hard climb so you can reach your goal quickly. Someone who is not ready for that big of a challenge may need to take the slower route. Unfortunately, many people feel like they are so far away from their goal, over time, they forget they are still actually moving in the right direction at all. Others never even really set a goal and find themselves climbing the wrong ladder altogether. Listen, in order to reach the right destination, you MUST know where you are heading and PURPOSEFULLY go there – every. single. day.

Don’t Look Down

You’ve heard the saying “no matter what you do, Don’t Look Down!” That saying is SO true with fitness. As soon as we look down, we get shaky. Looking down can refer to looking back, longing for some of the things we “enjoyed” that we may have left behind. Looking down can also refer to negative thoughts, allowing ourselves to get mentally down. No matter what the distraction is, as soon as we take our eyes off the goal, we set ourselves up for getting off course or doubting where we are and where we are heading.

Are You Willing to Climb?

  • You CAN lose 50lbs IF you are willing to do the work consistently for 6 months.
  • You CAN compete in a figure competition IF you train and diet hard for 90 days straight.
  • You CAN build muscle IF you are willing to lift strong and get the protein you need for growth.
  • You CAN lose that 10lbs IF you are willing to eat out less and cut back on the alcohol.
  • You CAN have less back pain IF you are willing to stretch and strengthen tight muscles.
  • You CAN have more energy IF you are willing to do more cardio and lose a few pounds.
  • You CAN control your weight IF you start managing calories.
  • You CAN completely change your life IF you are willing to invest in making the changes your body needs.

Everyone Begins at the Start Line

Remember, everyone who has reached their goal was once just like you. Sure, running a marathon may seem absolutely crazy right now. Losing 50lbs may feel like it’s too far out of reach from where you are now. Or, maybe living without back pain would almost seem more like a miracle from how you feel now.  This is where the impossible becomes possible – by doing what is possible for you at this very moment, each and every day, until you get the results you want.


Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • Nikk

    Thanks Bonnie for the extra tips. I have been to the gym 3 times this week already, after joining a few days ago. I am really feeling motivated, and even if I don’t see results soon, I feel more energetic and so much better, and also very encouraged by your words and by your blog! On another note, I believe that things happen for a reason: watching a show on weight supplements, to going to GNC, to researching and buying a new product, to finding Bonnie…wow. And @”M”…thanks for your congrats and wonderful words as well. All the love right back at ya…we can do this! 🙂

  • M

    Wow! Nikk, you are something. There really are so many moving parts to losing weight. You take care of yourself and if someone says slow down and simplify some, try it a little somehow, if you are able. All the love. Congratulations on all the accomplishments above.

  • Nikk

    Great post!..helped me to decide on that gym membership. Since I found Bonnie’s blog about a week ago, I feel like I can do this. I have never had to seriously buckle down to lose weight…only after 4 kids, and then I was I only cutting back and doing lite exercise (I’m an ex-athlete, and still somewhat athletic). Now that I’m older, working more, finishing up graduate school, and watching my kids at their athletic events, the pounds have suddenly really started to show. I’ve been slowly working in my cardio through walking at lunchtime at work over the last week and a half, cutting my calories to 300-500 per meal, 5-6 meals a day (thanks to Bonnie!), increasing fruits and veggies and drinking more water, cutting back on carbs (mainly no bread or pasta), and taking Physio Burn from GNC. I think my little system is working already…I feel lighter and more energetic, but I don’t really see any loss in weight yet, although my clothes do feel a bit less snug. Trying now to work in 2 days at the gym this week, and increasing that to 3 days after a week or so. I will be finishing up with my master’s degree in about a month, so that will free up more time when I complete that. I have a buddy that I walk with at work, and another buddy from work who got me a discount on joining the same gym with her. We also discuss lunch time meals and snacks at work…the buddy system works! And Bonnie, the Designer Whey Protein bars are awesome…now just to keep them from the kids! Thanks! Your blog rocks!!! Now to stay focused…

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      That is SO cool Nikk!!! thank you SO much for sharing!!!! If you aren’t seeing the weight come off, shave off some more calories. Look for missing calories you may not be adding in (creamer, sauces, snack, protein bars, etc) Make sure you are counting it all. many times people are eating even more than they think, so if your “allowance” is lower, you are most likely eating more. That’s why I always suggest a strict allowance. I just assume most people are missing stuff and eating more than they think. 🙂

      When you walk with your friends, start doing sprints. Most people don’t just start running – and most people who walk think they could never run. Figure out a pattern to do occasional sprints – like every 1 or 2 minutes sprint from mailbox to mailbox or from light post to light post. I like the iPhone app “RunKeeper”. It will prompt you to run or walk fast or walk slow at the set time you choose. Most people are not burning NEAR the calories they should be because their power walk is more like a leisure stroll.

      Hope that helps!! Can’t wait to hear when that weight starts falling off – and I promise, at this rate, it WILL!!

      • M

        I read this one at least once a day and wrote the quote at the top so I can review it anytime I want. Maybe its just perfectly suited for me, but, it seems it is probably suited for everyone.

        Sincerely. You have a gift and more, wow! Max is so cool to go to and hit it hard.

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