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Something SMALL Can Throw Your Fitness Off BIG

This weekend I will be going out to by new headphones and a new iphone arm band, after losing mine a couple of weeks ago.

As I was brainstorming on where I could have possibly left them, it dawned on me – I haven’t had a good workout since I’ve been without them. I haven’t run one day since. Even after writing my post, MUSIC: A Legal Drug for Athletes, I STILL wasn’t using my own music to boost my workouts! That’s just how easy it is for something small to throw you off BIG-time! 

What’s holding you back?
Have YOU lost momentum? Have you lost drive, intensity or consistency? Maybe it’s time you get to the root of it all. For me, it was something as simple as headphones and an arm band. Suddenly, I didn’t want to run at all if I couldn’t listen to music or my Joyce Meyer and Calvary Chapel Vero Beach podcasts.

So it’s time for YOU to dig in and find out what has gotten in the way of your success – or find out what could be interfering with you taking your fitness to a whole new level. It happens to the best of us, but it’s March and bikini season is going to be here before you know it so it’s time to get back in action!!

Here are a few solutions to common problems. 

1. You need to grocery shop
2. Get some new music
3. Refresh your gym supplies
4. Get more supplements and protein bars
5. Invest in a new pair of shoes
6. Schedule a Dr. Appt for that nagging pain
7. Renew your membership
8. Join a new gym
9. Quit drinking
10. Stop working so much
11. Wake up earlier
12. Go to sleep earlier
13. Plan your day better
14. Pack your gym bag
15. Buy a new gym bag
16. Your friend stopped, so you did too. Call your friend today.
17. You got sick so you got out of the groove. Start back today.
18. Get off work on time – the work will still be there tomorrow.
19. Quit making excuses.
20. You say you’ll “start Monday” every Monday, but you don’t Start everyday like it’s a Monday.

What have you found to put a damper on your workouts? How have you fixed it?


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