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4 Questions to Keep Your Diet on Track

I’m in the fitness industry and it doesn’t take much to feel like Miss Piggy stuffed in tights.

The reality is, it doesn’t matter how you look to others, it matters how you feel. And often times we make decisions that make us feel even horrible – physically and mentally. Like Santa Claus, we “know when we’ve been bad or good” so why can’t we be good for goodness sake?! WE are the one who suffer when we make poor choices!! Our body suffers and our mind suffers as well.

We eat crappy for 30 minutes and we feel bad for 2 days afterwards. Even if we don’t physically put on a ton of weight, eating crappy can mess with your head. Is it really THAT worth it? Honestly? Is tasting something for a few minutes worth hours, and sometimes days, of misery?

We have to stop acting in the moment and look at reality. No matter how awesome it feels to walk out of our favorite store with bags of goods, we know whether we can afford it or not. Most of the time that knowledge will keep us from impulse buying. But why can’t we use those same principles with our body?

We may not bounce checks when we eat out, but there are other repercussions to overeating that will destroy our body like overspending will destroy your bank balance.

What can you do to remind yourself of these repercussions?
Ask yourself these questions. Post them on your refridgerator or pantry door. Make a bracelet, put a ribbon around your purse – do ANYthing to remind you to constantly think past the food.

1. How will this make me feel tomorrow?

2. I can either burn fat from previously stored calories or I can store more fat I’ll have to burn later.

3. How many miles will I have to walk or run to erase this? (it normally takes about 100 calories/per mile)

4. Am I willing to do the work to erase these calories?

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.

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