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FAT: It’s Time to Pay it Off

America is known for spending more than we can afford – and the same goes for our eating. Stored fat is like maxed out credit cards. America eats what they want, whether they can afford it or not.

People walk around carrying enormous caloric debt, storing previously borrowed calories on their backside, and there’s no bailout coming. Unlike financial debt, you can’t file bankruptcy to make it all go away. The only answer is, dare I say, a budget.

Cut Back
Just like money, when we get really behind, recovering from our mistakes calls for drastic measures. Strict budgets and number crunching is what we have to do to get us back on track. Unfortunately, many people ignore the pink elephant. Pretending like everything is fine, they continue to get more and more in the rears – pun intended!

As you know, spending can easily get out of hand if you aren’t tracking every dollar. The same goes for calories. It’s nearly impossible to manage calories without keeping a close watch on them like you would your bank account.

Pay It Off
Another way to reduce our so-called debt is with exercise. However, just because we work a little more in the gym doesn’t mean we can spend calories frivolously either. We have to allow enough time to significantly reduce the debt before we can loosen the reigns. Easier said than done.

Be Responsible
When we work hard, it’s natural to want a reward. We fool ourselves into thinking we can now afford the extra calories because we workout. We treat our finances the same way. As soon as we get a raise, a new job, or a bonus – typically, our first response is not saving that money. We think about how we can spend it – the bigger car payment we could afford, the clothes we could buy and the vacation we’ve been wanting.

Just like credit cards, you should eat only what you can pay off over a short period of time. Once you reach your goal, you can splurge here and there without gaining weight, as long as you are willing to pay it off quickly.

“Eat only what you are willing to burn off.”


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