You May Need More Than Fitness

“Weights don’t call you when you don’t show up. The treadmill won’t facebook you when you neglect your cardio.”

Today’s Fitness Expo at the mall made me realize how fitness can be such a special part of your life. You don’t have to go to a gym, put on your headphones & log boring miles, without talking to anyone. The gym can, and should, be like a home away from home – a safe place for one big fitness family. Today, we weren’t at the gym, but our “family” came with us. They do class together, they run 5Ks together, they do mudruns, they meet up for lunch, and they come to fitness events like they did today.

Sure, you can still put your headphones on (I do) and train hard, but sometimes we need a thumbs up, pat on the back, or just a big fat smile when you walk in the door. Shute, if it were up to me, I’d have our staff give everyone a round of applause every time someone walked through the door, just for showing up. And if you don’t go to a gym, you an have twitter and facebook friends rooting you on. No one should go it alone.

That’s what I saw today. People of all ages coming out to the mall to participate in fitness activities. Young, old. Black, white, Man, woman, Adults, Kids, English speaking, Spanish speaking. Husbands, wives. Seniors, toddlers – and they were all having fun! If fitness is not fun, if it’s not special, and if it isn’t radically changing your life – something’s wrong. Sure, your first “family” maybe church or flesh and blood – but a fitness is also close to the top. Think about it, you see your fitness peeps, whether in person or online, more than you do your favorite restaurant.

If you are investing time and energy to get fit, don’t miss out on the big picture. Working out is important, but weights don’t call you when you don’t show up. The treadmill won’t facebook you when you neglect your cardio. Be sure to invest in the people around you as much as the weights. You never know what lives you’ll impact – and you never know what lives will impact YOU! – But doing fitness quietly, lonely and secretly often ends in failure (and no fun).

Here’s a pic of two of our BCxers…

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