2-N-1: My Butt & Shoulder Workout

I combined legs and shoulders today just in case I couldn’t get shoulders in tomorrow since we are preparing for a 5K & Mini-Mudder Saturday and have been crazy busy. This ended up being a great workout – quick, a bit painful and plenty effective. Since 2 of the best body parts on a woman, in my opinion, are the shoulders and legs/glutes I thought I’d pass it along. :)

Below are the exercises I threw together and the weight I did. Of course you can modify to fit your needs.

15 Thrusters (Squat Press) – 55-65lbs (barbell)
3 X 

15 Squats – 135lb (barbell)
3 X 

40 Overhead Walking Lunges (25lb plate)
40 Walking Lunges with Arms out straight in front (5lbs dumbbells)
Super Set – Alternating exercises, 40 steps 3 X 

15 Leg Extension (110lbs)
12 Standing Military Press (Shoulder Press) (15lbs)
Super Set – Alternating exercises, 3 X 


  1. ziz1

    Oh by the way, the woman squatting has some serious weight on the bar…..gotta love muscles especially the glutes!

  2. ziz1

    Hope mini-mudder goes well – share pics with us…:)

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