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Changing My Training

Starting in November, I changed up my training and I’m really liking the results.

You know how people look like their dogs? Well, I too look like my long lanky Great Dane – Tank. Point is, I struggle with putting mass on my legs. I used to do legs once a week and then it hit me – I work upper body everyday (as I break down all my body parts…chest one day, back next, etc). No wonder my legs need more work …they actually need more work! (many guys also have this problem. So many guys hit chest all the time but neglect their legs) 😉 

Instead of doing a ridiculously long leg day, I’m doing fewer exercises with heavier weights and hitting them twice a week. I’m also mixing more functional training (BCx style workouts) in my daily routine. Now, if you have thick legs I would not recommend this. I’d suggest doing primarily BCx type training – higher reps, lighter weight – wear those legs out. You’ll still shape muscle but you won’t get “bulky”. And if you are doing BCx Boot Camp online, you are hitting your legs 2 x a week already – so you get the best of both worlds.

Another thing I changed this past year is I quit relying solely on equipment to strength train. I have incorporated a LOT more push ups, plank work, functional training, plyos and all kinds of cardio type (BCx) stuff in my workout. I feel so much stronger, healthier and balanced.

Last week my girlfriend and I did the BCx Up & Down Circuit with the boys (our hubbies) and it KILLED my legs. Funny thing was, I thought the legs part was the easiest part – my arms were noodles when we were done. (by the way – I rocked this and finished 1st WOOT!) So, I’ll keep mixing it up! I’m hitting at least one day super heavy – but definitely doing BCx because it gets me in the best shape and helps me lean out. 🙂

Monday’s Leg Workout
50+ Plyo Air Squats (super fast & deep)
3 – 4 Sets of 15 Barbell Squats 135lbs (45lb bar + 2 45lb plates)
5-6 sets of  12-15 Leg Extensions (120lb – 100lb)
3-4 sets of 12-15 Straight Leg Deadlift 95lbs (45lb bar + 2 25lb plates)
3-4 sets of 15 Standing Single Ham Curls 60lbs Hammer Strength Machine
By this time, I’m feeling totally nauseous and begged my staff to make me a protein shake. Workout was simple, but hard.

Next Leg workout will have a TON of butt work and more toning type stuff, so if you like butt stuff – keep your eyes out! This is a pic of me in 2008 – gotta get those legs back!!

Next Topic is ABS!! Another sore spot for me! But 2012 is MY year. It can be YOUR year too! Let’s DO THIS!!!

NOTE: Remember – we all have different goals. I know not everyone wants what I want, etc. That’s why I will always blog about what most people want – weight loss & muscle tone. 🙂

Let me know what you are interested in, what questions you have and what your goals are.  I’d love to help if I can!


To try some of our workouts visit our BCx Boot Camp workout Blog.


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  • Brittany

    I’ve been following your blogs for bout a month now an I’d love to know more about being at a Plato with your weight loss. I started my journey weighting in at 215lbs and I’m 5’6″… I’m now down to 175. I feel like I’m doing almost everything to the book; 1200 calories/day (90% clean calories -hey, we all cheat sometimes), working out 3 – 4 times a week for min of 30 min (doing couch to 5k as my cardio and just recently started adding circuit training to my cardio, drinking a protein shake for breakfast and refueling my body with a lean meat and veggie dinner, sleeping about 8 hours a night… Lol. My weight has stayed the same for about 2 months now & I’m so frustrated. My goal is 140-150 lbs. I considered dropping my caloric intake but everything I read warns against that. Is there any pointers you can give to help boost my weightloss? Thanks!

  • fitknitchick

    Wow! You could be talking to me!
    I always think of my legs as my ‘lagging’ body part, but realize that I don’t train them nearly as hard as I do my upper body!
    You’ve given me the incentive (via your awesome 2008 photo!) to give my legs as much attention as my arms!
    Great post Bonnie.

  • Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I need to add plyo back into my life. I used to do it more often and then got out of it. I have been working legs twice a week, shorter workouts too. I focus hams one day and quads another. I’m liking the results as well. Plus, I’m not so sore the next day that I can’t do any other workout.

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