January 2nd: Time to Erase Your Sins!

Finally!! No more parties filled with crappy (but yummy) food! No more junk in the house. No more excuses to miss workouts. No more body fat!! It’s time to Erase Your 2011 Sins!

Today starts the giant eraser. Yes, today is the day that we quit GAINING weight and we start LOSING it! We burn calories instead of eat them and we decide what we want out body to look like and we start beating it into submission.

Getting fit is not complicated. Losing weight is not complicated either. Brands over-complicate it and lead you to believe you need their product or their methodology to get results. I say Bah HumBug! You need the bare basics to get results. Eat less and exercise more.

Where to Start
You can’t possibly know how many calories to cut back if you have no clue how many calories you are eating now. If you have never counted calories before, log on to an online calories counter, or app, today and track every calorie you eat today. Most brand name diets will suggest you eat between 1200-1500 calories for women and 1,500-1,800 calories for men (for weight loss).

PFIT TIP: It takes a 3,500 caloric deficit to lose one pound of fat. I find most people eat 2,500-3,500 calories a day if not tracking their food. If you cut 1,000 calories a day you’ll lose 2lbs a week. It’s just simple math! πŸ™‚

Focus on diet, then make sure you get a good workout in. Try BCx Boot Camp (it’s free so why not!). Do as much of each day as you can. It’s a killer program but it will give you killer results.

Lastly, the key to success is consistency. No matter how bad you goof up, or how discouraged you get, never stop trying. Every day is a new day – a chance to start fresh. Off to the gym!

READERS: What is your favorite calorie counting app or website? Share your own tips and experiences for others below! You never know you YOU may help!

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