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I Got Fat For Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas and today I share my own blunders – and what I feel is the key to success after you blow your diet. Whether “fat” for you is 5lbs or 50lbs – weighing more than you should is an awful feeling. We all know where we should be, how our pants should fit, and how we can (and should) look. At this point a clothing size means nothing. Honestly, even weight means nothing. At this point the only thing that matters is how we feel – and right now I feel like the crap I ate – HEAVY!

You also can’t argue with someone when they feel fat and try to convince them they should feel skinny because you think they look skinny. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve tried to convince Steve that he still looks amazing when he is feeling his worse. Even though I can’t see the extra pounds he knows is there, HE can FEEL it – and how we feel is the only thing that really matters. He also tries to encourage my fat butt, but there’s no encouraging me after I’ve stuffed my face. So, what’s next? Enjoy my vlog!


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  • mlb1399

    I recently read or saw something that alluded to your thoughts and feelings are currently reflected in your body weight. I decided to change my thoughts, feelings and get healthier starting in 2011. I have been able to lose 5lbs since thanksgiving and is a major focus for 2012. I look forward to you turning the holiday weight around.

  • ziz1


    Your posts reminded me of this quote…”Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.” — Napoleon Hill

    I am sure you will get back on track……very soon!

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