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PFIT NEWS: Who’s the Street QUEEN now!?

My Vlog on Street King energy drink from GNC

I was the first in our city to get 50 Cent‘s Street King (Oh Yeah!) from our local GNC. Here’s my vlog on this brand new exciting and unique energy drink to hit shelves! Go “Fiddy”! 😉


I just tasted StreetKing for the 1st time and I have to admit, it was pretty smooth! Most of these shooters taste like crushed aspirin in sugar water, but this was much more palatable and now I’m just waiting for it to kick in to have a KILLER workout!!! I think I just found a great way to get jacked before I “get jacked” haha!  🙂

Who’s 50 Cent? 

50 Cent’s real name is: Curtis James Jackson III
50 NEWS: 50 Cent Aims to Feed a Billion People
50 NEWS: News on 50 Cent’s upcoming book, Formula 50STREET KING ONLINE:
Product available at GNC – Follow them on twitter at @GNCLiveWell
Follow Street King on Twitter at @StreetKing

50 Cent- “Street King Energy 2011” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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