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It’s a Balancing Act: 5 Tips to Sanity

Christmas is a crazy time of year. During this time of year, we all rush around like maniacs, behaving like wild animals or circus freaks. WE MUST STOP THIS NONSENSE! So, this year I decided to make some changes and I’ve almost got the whole balancing act down!

ACT #1 The Amazing Juggler: I Am Planning Ahead
Planning is EVERYTHING to me. If I don’t plan I definitely might as well plan to fail because the only way to survive this busy season is to map out my workouts, my meals, my meetings, my “me time”, my “Steve time” and my rest. If I am prepared I will rock each and every day without fail.

ACT #2 The Acrobat: I Workout More
I know this may seem impossible to many people lugging their children around to every Christmas party, recital, school event and church event – not to mention your adult parties and responsibilities, shopping, card writing…do I need to go on? BUUUT, you’d be surprised how much more energy you’d have to accomplish all these things if you workout more often. How in the world do I accomplish this? I workout MORE often, but my workouts take LESS time. This means I do mini-workouts that I BLAST through so I stay in the groove. I keep my body tight and my mind out of the mental beat-yourself-up-because-you-didn’t-workout gutter.

ACT #3 The World’s Strongest Woman: I Am Resisting Temptation
Well, I would be lying if I said I didn’t like Christmas treats and high-cal horsy-dooverz (ha)!! YES, I like bad food too! So in order to keep my waistline in check, I either have to boost my cardio or reduce my portions. For example, Nissan Hyundai’s Christmas Party was this weekend and they went all out – including an amAzing pasta bar and all kinds of glorious foods and desserts. Well, I ate light all day and got a great workout in prior to the party so I not only fit in my dress, but I didn’t pop OUT of it after I ate at the party!

ACT #4: The Houdini: Get Out of Anything 
I can’t possibly do it all so I’m practicing something I rarely do: Saying “No”. The biggest thing I said “No” to this year was our company Christmas Party. I have thrown a big shindig for 8 years straight and it stresses me out every single year. Although they are a hit and we literally have several hundred people attend (which is HUGE pressure when it comes to letting people down by not doing it this year), I had to put my health and family first. We needed a stress-free Christmas and the people who care about us totally understand. If you find yourself trying to please everyone and go to every party, mail every friend a card, and bake everyone cookies, you’ll go INSANE. The people who love you will understand – and if they don’t, then they might not be as good as friends as you thought!

ACT 5: Fire Eating: Rest and Refuel
If you want to be on FIRE, you gotta have the right fuel. First, we feel crappy around the holidays because we eat crappy. Honestly, we are what we eat. If you feed your body crap, you’ll feel like crap. If you are running on empty, you will peter out. If you want to do everything on your holiday hit list without losing your mind, you need to rest and refuel. This means getting the sleep you need, drink a ton of water, and eating healthy meals as often as you can. With the proper fuel and rest, you’ll be amAzed what you can accomplish and BLAST through the holidays!!
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  • Rossana Harper

    Great blog. I have to work on 1,2,3 & 5 but I have been hard at work on #4 since summer and it is amazing how saying no (in a good way) , could feel so good and be better for my family and personal time. Luckily, I have amazing friends and family and they have all been supportive of my new ritual! Lol

  • TriGirl

    The problem with holiday food is that it tastes soooo gooood. And then you just want to eat more of it. But at some point, I end up just wanting a salad to clear my mouth from the heavy food! Great 5 tips 😀

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