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2 Holiday Cookies A Day Keeps the Skinny Jeans Away

The Hard Cold Truth
I recently tweeted “all it takes is 500 calories extra a day to gain 5lbs over the Holidays“. That’s only 2 Subway Cookies a day – not a ton of food by any means! It stemmed some great conversation and one of the replies was the fact was a little misleading.

I was thankful for his input because it helped me see how others may interpret my tweets. When I was talking about the Holidays, I was speaking of the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then I did the math:

500 calories x 30 days = 15,000 calories ÷ 3,500 (calories in 1lb of fat) = 5 pounds

He replied “for people less in the know, that’s a daunting fact”. SO, that brings me to the question:
Do you prefer hard cold facts that aren’t always fun to hear (but you may NEED to hear) OR do you prefer glossy text full of warm and fuzzy encouragement? 

Knowledge is Power.
My thought is people are not motivated by what they don’t know. If I grab a muffin from the gas station, I can convince myself it’s not that bad. If I read the muffin and see that it has 250 calories for 2.5 SEEERVINGS suddenly I’m motivated NOT to eat it. Why am I motivated not to eat it? Because I know it will take over an hour of hard core exercise to burn the crappy store-bought pre-packaged not-even-good muffin! (ask me how I know, because that really happened!)

If you don’t know why, or how, something could help you there will be little motivation to actually do it. If you don’t how something can hurt you, there is little motivation to avoid it. A great example is when Steve was about to eat something bad and grabbed to wrapper to read the label. His response was covering his ears and saying (loudly) “la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la”. WHY? Because he knew if he heard it, he wouldn’t be able to eat it.

Don’t run from the truth, gravitate to it. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts. Yes, sometimes it will even make us mad, but maybe it’s time to get mad! Maybe it’s time to SEEK truth because not knowing the truth can hurt you even more. 🙂


  • 3,500 calories = 1lb of Fat
  • 500 extra calories a day = 1lb gain a week
  • 500 calorie deficit a day = 1lb lost a week
  • 510 calories = Starbucks Venti White Chocolate Mocha
  • 500 calories = 5 mile walk (exact # depends on weight, pace, etc)
  • 500 calories = McDonalds Large french Free
  • 500 calories = 1 hour intense cardio class

Know what you eat, eat what you know. 🙂

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