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Baby Got Back

“I like big butts and I can not lie, You other brothers can’t deny”…

Sir Mix-A-Lot might like big butts but I think most women are working hard to get rid of their big butts – and some are even terrified of making it even bigger than it already is. This is why I believe women don’t do squats and other butt-firming exercises. They are scared they’ll make their big butt even bigger.

So, the million dollar question is: Will leg & glute exercises make your butt bigger?
It depends on the condition of your butt muscles. Think of your butt like a grape. When the grape is ripe it’s smooth, plump and round. So is a fit butt – it’s full of water and glycogen that makes the muscle smooth, plump and round (which is what we all should want). However, over time, our butt deflates like a old grape and gets unshapely and eventually as small, ugly and flat as a raisin.

Now, if you didn’t gain any weight, you’d just have a saggy unshapely pancake booty, but most people gain fat around that unshapely behind so you have nothing left that even resembles a butt muscle because it’s all covered with bumpy fat cells.

The J-Lo Booty
Some people hold fat all over their body and others (like J-Lo, left) hold fat in one concentrated area – like the butt. If this is you, you have 2 options – you can either workout (and not diet) and at least have a smoother more shapely big butt, OR you can workout and diet and have a shapely smaller butt. I’ll take option 2, but both options are a lot better than not doing anything.

If you have worked legs in the past and your pants were getting tighter, you likely had a deflated derriere that you were pumping up and plumping out. However, if it freaked you out like it does some women, you probably stopped before you started to lose the fat around your new creation – or you weren’t adjusting your calories to shed the fat.

Shake that Healthy Butt

If God made your butt and legs “thick”, you can have a muscular fit lower body or have a big fat lower body. That’s how God made you. I know a lot of women who complain about how muscular their legs get, but the truth is, it’s the fat on top of the muscle that makes their legs look even bigger than they are. If they can shed the fat, their legs would look a lot leaner than they think could even be possible.

The answer to the million dollar question: If you train your butt right, the muscle should get a LITTLE bigger and MUCH better. BUT (pun intended), your whole butt area can actually get SMALLER while reshaping your butt muscles with you diet and your training combined.

Make the most of what God gave you, but don’t ignore your “big” areas in fear of them getting bigger. Work even harder to reshape them and incorporate a low-calorie diet to uncover your new fit shape.

2 Butt Firming Workouts You Can Do At Home:


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