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How Hard Are You Fighting to Get Fit?

We all have battles – whether it’s our weight, marriage, money or another personal battle, but just how hard are we really fighting?

It’s so easy to complain, but complaining won’t change our circumstance. We can ALL talk about how rough we have it, how tough “it” is, and we can even convince ourselves we are working hard, but are we really? Just how hard are we truly working to fight our battle?

Hebrews 12:4 gave me a reality check with this statement, “In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood”. Basically Paul is saying, “in this struggle, you haven’t’ fought THAT hard. Have you fought to the point of shedding blood?”

This is how we should look at our struggles. We are so quick to give up and give in. So often we don’t put up much of a fight at all – and then we complain when we fail. How crazy is that?!

With food, how hard are we working to protect ourselves from temptations, how hard are we working to educate ourselves so we can make healthy choices and get the results we want? How hard are we working to erase the calories when we mess up? How hard are we training and putting our bodies to the test? Are we really giving this fight our 100% or we just giving it ‘some’ effort – or giving it more effort than we’ve given it before?

If you’ve ever watch UFC, you’ve seen the guy who just clinches on to the other guy while getting completely pounded. While we watch outside the cage screaming “fight back! Do SOMEthing!”, the guy continues to do nothing, ultimately losing the round.

Just because we are in the cage, it doesn’t mean we are fighters. We can go to the gym, we can buy protein and take our GNC vitamins, and we can even train like a fighter, but when we start taking a pounding, do we just clinch on to fitness or do we really fight to win?

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