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‘Fall Back’ into Fitness – 5 Tips to Make the Extra Time Count

This weekend we get to enjoy the time change we all look forward too – “fall back” as we often call it. Although most people will enjoy the feeling of sleeping in an extra hour, there’s a better way to make the most of the hour difference.

Since your body is already used to getting up, falling back to Standard Time is the perfect opportunity to begin a morning exercise routine. Your circadian rhythm (internal time clock) will know no different. Not what you want to hear? Com’on!  You have to admit it makes since. The hardest part of beginning a morning exercise routine is getting up earlier.  This is the only time of the year you can trick your body into getting up earlier without feeling it!

  1. Set your alarm clock 1 hour earlier everyday. In order for this to work best you must stay in the habit of waking up early everyday, even if you chose not to exercise every morning.
  1. Do cardio on an empty stomach. Make the most of your morning exercise routine by burning as much fat as possible. Doing cardio on an empty stomach (or mostly empty stomach), forces your body to use fat stores for the energy needed to exercise.  (If your routine includes weights, you should eat before weight training and save cardio for last.)
  1. Make the most of your time with interval training. This is great for burning fat and getting in shape. Beginners can alternate between a walk and a fast walk. An intermediate routine would combine a walk with a jog. Advanced routines would rotate jogging and running. You can predetermine the length of intervals (2 to 5 minutes each) or you can set goals along the way, like telling yourself to jog from the red car to the light post on the corner. The intense activity should be too intense to maintain for a long period of time and the recovery period should never be slower than your normal pace.
  1. Eat a healthy breakfast. You should still have time to eat a quick breakfast. Instead of processed foods, like cereal or pastries, try whole oats (oatmeal), greek yogurt, egg white sandwich on whole wheat thins, 1/2 a whole grain bagel with natural peanut butter and honey, or a yummy protein shake. If you miss breakfast, you miss burning more calories through out your morning and having more energy – plus you are more likely to eat a big lunch because you are SO hungry by lunch time you overeat.
  1. Tivo your favorite shows. In order to maintain your new routine, record your favorite shows so you are not tempted to stay up late. You’ll be able to watch them the next day at your convenience, plus you get to save up to twenty minutes per episode of lost time you normally spend waiting for commercials!

Egg White & Spinach Breakfast Sandwich:

Egg Beaters (2 egg whites = 34 calories))
Fresh or Frozen Spinach (use as much as you want. 1 cup = 7 calories)
Sun Dried Tomatoes (5 pieces diced = 40 calories)
Low-Fat Feta Cheese (1/2 ounce = 40 calories)
Light Veggie Cream Cheese (1 TBS = 50 calories)
Canadian Bacon (1 slice = 43 calories)
Whole Wheat Bagel Thins
324 Calories, a Happy Tongue & a Content Belly!

 Share your favorite Breakfast Food with us in the comment section! 
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– Bonnie 

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • Debbie

    Hello Bonnie! I love your posts and continued Fitness Support! I had the opportunity to work out with one of your Boot Camp Classes last year and loved it! I currently live in Ecuador and follow your Fitness Tips and Exercise Routines! I appreciate you and Steve and hope to take another class with you guys someday! You guys Rock! Whoop! Whoop!

  • dspangler

    Hey There Bonnie,
    Along the same lines,, The air’s getting colder, the days are shorter, the kids are back in school. Even as grownups, fall still feels like an opportunity for a fresh start, a jumping-off point to learn new things and start activities you’ve been putting off all summer.

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