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Fitness: How to Stay the Course, Weather Storms & Reach Your Destination

Are you in control of your ship or are you lost at sea?
We have the opportunity to steer our bodies and lives into the right, or wrong, direction – and if we choose NOT to steer our lives, then the world will steer it for us.

Who’s in control of your vessel?
Our lives are not much different than a ship in the ocean. Waves and winds can toss us around IF WE LET IT orrrrr we can take control of the direction we are heading. This doesn’t mean storms may slow us down or redirect our path for a period, but it DOES mean we don’t have to just float around letting life dictate our progress or final destination.  YOU can be in control of your vessel or the world can.

Sure, the world can throw you Burgers, but do you really have to eat them? You can let friends pull you away from your goals or you can pull THEM to YOUR goals. People are easily influenced – both for good and bad. The bottom line is YOU have a choice to influence or be influenced.

Can you stay the course?
I think many people on a healthy journey of losing weight and getting fit let life’s storms and outside influences toss around a bit. It would be tough paddling a boat in the middle of the ocean toward land you can’t see – and that’s how many of us feel when working on fitness goals.

You can be making SERIOUS progress and getting MUCH closer to your goal, but feel defeated and lost. This is why we need to keep tools in our life to help you navigate and stay the course. Tracking weight loss, journaling how you feel along the journey and having a pair of “skinny jeans” to measure progress can all help measure your progress so you can actually SEE with your own 2 eyes that you are indeed closer to your goal.

Who’s in the same boat?
When it comes to rowing a boat, you cannot tell me two is not better than one. It’s much easier to get to your destination when you have someone paddling with you. In the world of fitness, there are TOO MANY people in the same boat as you – yet too many people are working alone. Working out in groups or even having people online to interact with can be a HUGE help. There is no reason to go it alone.

Can You Commit to Slow and Steady?
Who says you have to go at powerboat speeds? Slow and steady if much better than what many people have been doing lately, which is often times is powering so fast you run out of gas and end up just sitting in the boat floating around. Set goals you can accomplish and stick with them. Ironically, as you begin to paddle your way toward your goal, your body will get stronger. It will get used to opposition like captain gets used to maneuvering through storms. Then, once you can actually begin to see your destination in the distance, you will even become more determined and focused on getting there. Naturally, you will likely pick up speed and nothing will stop you from ‘reaching the shore’.

Experienced Captains Be Encouraged!
Now, I want to address all the people who’ve “been there, done that”. These are the people who’ve reached their destination, enjoyed it for a while, and then let the tides pull them back out to sea again. Don’t be discouraged. In the same way any Captain, who has traveled a course before, remembers where he got stuck and how he got to land safely – you can too! If you’ve done this before, focus on the fact you’ve done it before – don’t focus on the fact you drifted away. You’ve weathered storms, you’ve persevered – and you’ve succeeded. Unlike others, who are taking a brand new course over unknown territory to a new destination, you have VALUABLE experience. You know how long it can take, and best of all, you know mistakes you made last time that you can skip to even take you there FASTR – plus you actually know it can be done! It’s always hardest being that explorer – who just hopes he can make it. But how much easier it is to travel a course once you’ve made that initial trek?

Know When to Throw the Anchor
Lastly, a good captain doesn’t just set sail any ole day – and they also know when to throw the anchor. The same goes for you. You have to know when it’s time to sail and when it’s time to sink the anchor. Often times we set out toward a goal when the conditions are not ideal. NOT that we have to wait for things to be absolutely perfect, but I’ve seen people try to do a demanding routine when life around them was too crazy. I’ve also seen people arrive at their goal and forget to throw the anchor, only to drift away. Just because you arrive at your goal, doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work to stay there and to prevent being swept away. Think about it, when a boater hears a hurricane’s coming, doesn’t he take even greater precautions on securing his boat? Always evaluate where you are and the current conditions around you so you can act accordingly. We all have our seasons – the smooth sailing times and the stormy times. If we are prepared, we can weather anything. And no matter WHERE you are on your adventure, don’t forget to enjoy the journey!!!

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