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Let’s Chat About Childhood Obesity

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This week’s topic is Childhood obesity. You maybe thinking – “WAIT! She doesn’t have kids and I’ve seen her Great Dane – he’s not overweight either. What does she know?!” Although I don’t have children, I took in my 12 year old sister (before picture left), who was over 200lbs, for a month one summer to help her to lose weight and get healthy. SHE

NEVER LEFT! HA! She ended up moving in with us for nearly 2 years. She left our parents (who lived on a farm in Georgia) to chase a dream of being healthy and happy. She left all her friends, her room, her parents who she loved and her sister at a crucial fragile age.

As she shed pounds, she began to see the REAL her – everything God created in her. She began to discover she truly did have control of her life – not just her body. She began to chase her dreams with confidence. She lost 50lbs and inspired my mother to lose 100lbs. Our entire family’s lives changed. My father started working out, gaining 25lbs of muscle and became a trainer. My mom reinvented herself and my parents are living like they are 40 – not 60. Life is new, fresh, alive in my family today.

Anna is now a slender, beautiful (inside and out), talented, amazing 19 year old who has boldly beat the streets to get jobs as a professional singer and entertainer. She’s unstoppable. In less than a year she is one of the regular entertainers in several hot spots in our town – at a youthful age.

Watching her learn, grow and change taught me as much as it taught her. I hope to share what I learned, what my parents learned and what I hope others can learn from our experience in this week’s chat. Join us by searching the hashtag #FitStudio this Wednesday at 8:30pm EST/7:30pm CST.

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  • Carolyn

    I’m doing a research paper on childhood obesity and would like to know if anyone specialize in this area to respond to the following questions by Monda, June 17th,2013. I’d like to include some expert information into my research paper.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance. Please forward responses to questions below to

    Questions to Ask the Leader for Paper:

    1. Date/Person interviewed.

    2. Their role as related to the area of interest-what changes they are making?

    3. How did they become involved in the area of interest?

    4. How does the leader feel that health care policies and current changes impact the area of interest?

    5. How does the leader feel the role of nursing promote safety in the area of interest?

    6. Does the leader feel that culture, population, or technology impact the area of interest?

  • obesity in children in america

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  • Amanda

    It’s really encouraging to see teens lose weight like that and end up looking amazing! You always hear about “best case scenario” stories and they seem so impossible, but I guess this is another proof it does happen! I’ve used information from in the past when I started to lose weight and I found it very helpful and simple to understand. Any other good suggestions? 🙂

  • Katie

    How did she do it? How long did it take her? I was 203 lbs at the beginning of June and I have been working with a personal trainer until I changed jobs a moved 3 weeks ago. I was writing all my food down (and yes..I had a couple bad days here and there, but I was really good at eating what she told me to). Now, almost 4 complete months later…I’m 191 lbs. Yes, it is nice that I’ve lost some weight, but it is also very discouraging that I’ve only lost 12 lbs in 4 months.

    I haven’t given up, because life is too short and I can’t give up!! It’s my life and I want to live in it as long as I can. I also want to be able to look in the mirror and like what I see. I am not going to try and get a guy to like me until I can like myself first.

    Sorry for the side story there, but I was just wondering what she did!



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