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Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!

“Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper!” This is one of Steve’s favorite things to say during BCx Boot Camp. Meaning – don’t look at what everyone else is doing, just worry about yourself.

Boy, I wish we could get this through our THICK skulls!! How easy is if for us to look at someone else and think “they are so much better”, “they are faster”, “they are skinnier”, “they are stronger”, “they don’t have kids”, “they don’t have 3 jobs”, “they don’t have a bum knee”, “they’ve never been overweight”, “they don’t understand”, “they are young”, “they have a high metabolism”….and the list goes on!

SO WHAT! “They” aren’t YOUR problem – YOU are. If you focus on everyone else, you are setting yourself up for failure. If you focus on what YOU can do, then you can make some serious progress.

Let’s say you just started a new program like BCx Boot Camp. To catch some of you up, let me just give you the BCx scoop. In a nutshell, BCx is a 4-week online boot camp program you can do at home or the gym. Most of it can be done with no equipment at all. Since you do the program on your own, we added a time component to the workouts to help push you. Most of the workouts are timed and we encourage you to post your times in the forums for added accountability and so you get to see your improvements in black and white.

Now that you understand the overall concept of BCx, let me introduce to you Suzy Sabotage. Suzy Sabotage is that negative girl that whispers in your ear when you are trying to reach a goal. After trying the workout for the first time and you go to post your times, the first thing Suzy wants you to do is to look at what other BCxers are doing. As soon as you see one person with better times than you, Suzy will begin to convince you that you’re a loser or that maybe this program isn’t for you. Well, let me tell you Suzy Sabotage is a lazy, negative, witch that wants you to fail. Did I mention her uncle is Satan himself? 🙂

OK, so I want to introduce to you Rockin’ Raquel! Raquel is all about pointing out the positive and showing you what really matters – your OWN progress and success. She’s here to remind you that it doesn’t matter if you are right next to another person doing each exercise 5 times as fast – if YOU give YOUR 100% and the other person is giving THEIR 100%, you are BOTH working at your best and BOTH equally benefiting from the program.

When you tackle a goal, whether doing a marathon or doing something like BCx – the challenge is within yourself, not against others. It shouldn’t matter if someone runs faster, lifts heavier or looks better – there’s always going to be someone better. If that discourages you, then your issue is pride – not a lack of ability. Believe me, I have major pride issues. I never want to do anything unless I’m awesome at it. That’s super limiting (I’m not great at that many things). If you focus on what you’re not, you’ll be forever discouraged and you’ll miss out on so many great, including discovering you can do a LOT more than you ever thought! If you focus on your own goal and your own successes, no matter how big or small, you will experience a very different kind of victory.

This goes with most everything in life. Unless you plan to compete in a burpee contest – it doesn’t matter how fast you are able to do a burpee or how ugly it is (and believe me, I know many of us do some pretty sloppy looking burpees haha). What matters is each week you get better, stronger and faster. Focus on what truly matters – and that’s the fact you are moving, you are working on improving and you are burning calories during the process!

SPIRITUAL FITNESS – Looking in the mirror of our own life.

I’ll finish with this: “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?” Matthew 7:3. Although this is pertaining to casting judgement, I think we often make excuses for ourselves based on how we judge others. Let’s not spend so much time looking out the window at everyone else (like Gladys Kravitz, the nosey neighbor in Bewitched). The fact of the matter is God wants us to look at ourselves, not others. How fast could we improve ourselves, our families, our work and our own relationships if we just focused on improving ourselves. 🙂

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  • Deekron

    Good post Bonnie. I am currently training for the NYC marathon, and the same thing comes up for me too whenever someone runs right by me (especially if it’s a female, lol). I start wondering why I’m not running faster, what advantage they have over me, how my legs are shorter, they’re younger, etc. etc.

    Then I catch myself and remind myself to “Run my own race, at my own pace.”

    Perfect parallel with life. Everyone is running a different ‘life race’. Just worry about yours and run YOUR race the best you can.

    Creates a lot of freedom and peace of mind.

  • sarah

    Great point! I don’t need to worry about those around me. If I compete with myself and push myself to my maximum, then that will get me results. Thanks for the reminder Bonnie!

  • Cindy

    We had this conversation just today at the gym. We have been watching some other people and what they do but like the comment above, it’s complete motivation, and usually awe. We’ve learned some great new moves from others by keeping our eyes open. We’ve also seen a lot of progress in those who come often and really push it.

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      Yes, that works too – the problem is for me, instead of motivating me it discourages me sometimes. But yes, looking at the fit peeps can be motivating for people too as long as we don’t immediately beat ourselves up in comparison (which I am known to do). 😉

  • Christopher Borders

    This is SO true. I find myself comparing all the time. One thing that helps me is to look at it as motivation. I want to be as fit as that guy or I want my abs to look like that. This keeps me pushing myself. And a little friendly competition to keep us moving doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

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