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Life’s “Falls” are Necessary to Grow Strong

A child can’t walk on their 1st try. Success comes with practice – and many falls.

I woke up this morning thinking about failure and how our “falls” in life are necessary to grow stronger. It made me think of a child. When trying to get a baby to walk, if he or she could speak, I am sure the words that would come out of his or her mouth would be “but mom, I can’t” – but they CAN and DO!

Of course they only start walking after about a million falls, wiggle/wobbles and tears, but they eventually walk – and before you know it, they are so good at it you have to hold their hand so they don’t run off.

You can – and WILL
Fitness is the same way. When we have a brand new boot camper, the words “I can’t” often come out of their mouths. “I can’t run”, “I can’t do push ups”, “I can’t lift that” – and you know what? They CAN and DO. 

Like a parent, a trainer knows what a body can, and will, do because they’ve seen it so many times. Just as a parent knows a baby will walk with practice, we know even the most out of shape, weak person WILL do everything they think they can’t do with practice. Before you know it, they are not just walking, they are running, lifting, jumping and trying any and every fitness challenge that comes their way.

Fitness InfantsAbove are some women who thought they “couldn’t”. At least one of these girls cried as they did laps around the building attempting to jog. They started boot camp afraid, full of doubt and lacking self-confidence. Although I know some of these girls wanted to quit many times, they kept showing up and they kept trying – and that’s all we asked.

Growing Strong

Above are the same ladies now. You can see their confidence and strength in their posture and smiles. Now each of these girls have their own unique success stories, some run 5Ks every chance they get, some do marathons, most of them do extreme BCx Club training and all of them would take any challenge that comes their way unafraid. Once crawling, now walking proud and strong. -B-

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