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We WILL Fall – But about the getting up part…

As some of you know I write for Sears Fitness (the #1 Fitness Retailer in the Nation) and FitStudio (powered by Sears). I wanted to share my most recent Blog with you as it really is something I’m super passionate about – the art of getting back up. As we strive to stay fit, one thing I’ve learned is that I WILL backslide. The more important issue is how fast will I get back up? Will it be a day, a month, a year? I hope this REALLY encourages you!! 

Before you hit the LINK to my blog, here are some photos of some STARS who have experienced very public falls. See, we are all human.  🙂

CLICK HERE to read my brief blog & get ENCOURAGED!





That sure didn't let it stop them! :)

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