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New Diet Software Does More than Count Calories

“Just tell me what to eat.” People tell me this time. Although I want people to learn how to eat healthy, telling people what to eat isn’t the answer.  Writing out a list of foods for someone is like giving someone a test answer key – it doesn’t do the student any good and is only a temporary fix for a problem that needs a permanent solution.

There‘s more to managing your weight than just eating a certain list of foods. Understanding calories and nutrients are very important factors when it comes to reaching your goals. Living by a list of foods is limiting – but helping someone understand why he or she needs to eat a certain way is very freeing. People need a solution that offers both guidance and education in one single diet program. 

After years of searching for a better way to help dieters, and our BCx Boot Campers, I finally have come up with an answer – BCx Nutrition, powered by Vitabot and BioSpace. The diet program features an online nutritional software program and body composition tracking system, entirely based on facts and education..

The web-based software helps users create meal plans, shopping lists and recipes while educating them in the process. The software features a traditional grading scale just like teachers use in grade school. As you add more foods to your daily menu, it changes your letter grade for each nutrient so you know what nutrients you’re still lacking. The goal is to get straight A’s in each nutrient by the end of each day.

The program not only helps track calories and macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) but micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) as well. Unlike other online programs like or, this software offers food suggestions. If you’re lacking a certain nutrient, you can click on that nutrient to view a list of food suggestions to help you meet that requirement. The software even makes meal and snack suggestions based on your personal needs, goals and tastes.

One of my favorite features is the meal planner, where you can choose from thousands of existing meal plans and customize your meal plan to your liking. As you add and remove foods from your meal plan, you quickly learn which foods are nutritious as the grades change to reflect your choices.

The software not only offers sound nutritional requirements based on standards defined by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science, but it’s educational, enlightening, fun and user-friendly.

The final component to the BCx Nutrtion Program for our locals is the InBody 230 by BioSpace, which helps monitor each dieter’s progress. The comprehensive body composition machine monitors body weight, fat and muscle, which helps our fitness professionals catch common dietary mistakes, like whether the user is consuming too many calories or not getting enough protein. The combination of the two products helps dieters get the results they want as well as the education they need.

Although you don’t need to understand nutrients to lose weight, it can help you lose weight the healthy way. When you get the nutrients you need, you avoid muscle loss and lack of energy often associated with dieting. The end result is a happier dieter who feels as healthy as they look.

For more information or to watch the software video demo. visit:
or email me at to try it out for yourself. 🙂 

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