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Tips to Fighting Procrastination & Lazies, my own personal battle


Yesterday I was hard at work on our local BCx Boot Camp schedule, which started about 6:30am. I had every intension of doing my morning run – even to the point I put on my running clothes, only to sit right back down and get back on my computer, check email, work on more BCx stuff, tweet and drink coffee.

As the morning got brighter, of course it got hotter. Then I decided that I’d do BCx in the cool indoors. That was a passing thought after I decided to check my email again and saw my inbox was flooded with BCx questions and had more work to do. Suddenly (funny how time can fly) I look at the clock and it’s 12:30pm! Geeesh!  By this time I decided I need to clear my head and just have some “me time” so I decided to hit the beach for a few hours. It was beautiful and breezy – a perfect day!

So, when I got back home Steve had just walked through the door from his Live Exercise shows in Boca Raton. He asked me if I had a good day and I honestly couldn’t say yes. WHY? I went to the BEACH?! You would have thought that would have turned any bad day into a good one. Well here’s why. I was disappointed in myself for not working out and I felt sloppy, fat and lazy!

It was now 5:00pm – and anyone who has gone to the beach knows how tired and lazy you are after soaking up the relaxing rays. I was completely lazy at this point. I had NO energy or drive to train. Then Steve says he’s going to the gym to do arms. Geeeesh! He just did 3 killer workout shows, drove 1 1/2 hours home and is hitting the gym. (He’s truly a fitness freak if I ever saw one). I said “have a good workout” and kissed him goodbye (thinking, I am not even interested in going to the gym right now. Good luck with that). ha!

MY TALK WITH MYSELF (Yes, I do that, don’t send me to the funny farm just yet!)
All of 5 minutes passed and then I had a talk with myself. Bonnie” I said, “You KNOW you need to workout today. You KNOW you’ll feel better if you do it and you KNOW you need it. You KNOW your body will feel firmer and you’ll feel more confident in your bikini tomorrow. You KNOW you are shooting a video in 5 days and NEED to actually look like a fitness professional. You KNOW you’ll be happy you did it…” and then I replied, “ALRIGHT ALREADY! I HEAR YOU AND YOU ARE RIGHT DAGUMMIT!”

SO, I put on my music, cranked up the volume as I started pulling up my torture, I mean program, of choice. I needed to do lower body so I chose my Baby Got Back workout. Honestly, 20 jumping jacks in I started to wake up. My body was cracking and popping – fighting me every step of the way, but my mind was digging it. Before you know it, one “mission” was down and I was feeling better.

By my second mission (that’s what us BCx peeps call our intense circuits), I was revved and felt like I could do this thing and fight my desire to totally be lazy. 120 squats later – feeling tight, firm, pumped! 25 Burpees, oh yeah! Felt good! Then off to do the butt work. 25 more burpees then Bridges – oh my! My hamstrings were LOVING these exercises. Then I hit what I call a “content phase”. This is when I talk myself into thinking, “I’ve done good enough, I don’t have to finish it. That was more than I planned on doing” – and I ALMOST gave in!!

Then I had a little talk with myself again, “You know you won’t feel as good if you quit early. You know you’ll feel guilty and won’t have that sense of accomplishment. It’s only one more set and a few more burpees. Really Bonnie? You hate Geronimos that much? Come on you wimp! You are so better than that! Come on – just  a little more and you’ll feel like a ROCKSTAR!” I replied “Ok, Ok! I’ll do it, I know (again) you are right. I am a BUFFOON! I’ll do it!

I share this with you because this stuff happens to the best of us and the ONLY way to combat it is to stop and weigh the facts. The FACT is I knew in my heart I needed the workout, I knew I would feel so much better and I knew I just needed to do it whether I felt like it or not. So once I weighed my options I also knew I would be a complete tard if I didn’t do it. Honestly, at this point – I would have been rebellious, lazy and disobedient to myself.


God tells us to take care of ourselves, not to be lazy and not lose hope. He also reminds us to keep important things close – especially His Word and His Promises. If I had been to busy to actually “think about working out” I probably wouldn’t have. So, instead of solely relying on me to talk myself into working out, I really should have those truths and my goals IN MY FACE to remind me of my goals and keep me on track all the time.

Tony Robbins and Zig Zigglar got nuthin’ on God when it comes to being a Life Coach. Here’s a tip straight from scripture: It’s about a man named Habakkuk, who had a vision. God tells him to right it down clearly on tablets so he, and everyone else, could see it (Habakkuk 2:2-3). I believe He did this for a couple reasons. ONE, he wanted Habakkuk to keep that vision close to him so he didn’t lose sight of it and TWO, he wanted others to see it so they could support it. Sometimes we try to attempt stuff alone – like setting closet goals. I believe we are most successful when we “write our vision down on tablets” for all to see. WE need to see it daily, and so do others. Our families can be more supportive – PLUS you never know who will jump on board with you and also adopt your vision for their vision too.

He even says, “It may seem like a long time, but be patient and wait for it, because it will surely come.” God knows we all need encouragement and no matter what our vision is. If it’s weight loss, a personal battle, success, or something God’s working out in your life – God knows we need a reminder to stay focused and know, if we are obedient, it will come.

God knows how hard it is to keep our vision close to us. And you thought some Life Coach was the first to tell people to write stuff down. ha! God knows we get easily side-tracked (He created us – duh! I think He knows us best! ha!), we get lazy and we often just plain out get lost. Whatever your vision is, it’s NOT going to be something you “want” to chase every day. You will have to force yourselves to be obedient to moving forward. Just remember, to keep your vision close and clear, and continue striving for it daily whether you feel like it or not.

If you feel like you are losing your vision, getting lazy or need a boost, try getting refocused. Draw your goals close, post them for all to see, and remember to be patient because it will surely come!


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  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for this blog! I love reading it. This one particular is great! I blew off my run the other morning and felt crummy all day. What a great perspective about God being the one to tell us to write things down. My goal is going on my bathroom mirror right now! Oh boy – I guess that means my husband can read it and hold me accountable! 🙂

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